Announcement winners "What does #ccc mean to you 2.10". 馃帀

Thank you so much for taking part in my first contest and not make me look like a complete fool. 馃挄

  1. @joeyarnoldvn
  2. @cloudblade
  3. @myjob
  4. @gertu
  5. @fitinfunfood participated.

Since there were 5 entries I decided to pick a winner out of 5 instead of 6.

The winning number for this contest (2.10) is #3

@myjob Congratulations!馃巿馃幎馃憤馃挄
You will get 2 SBI share sponsored by @freedomshift. One because you won and one because it is the first time you won.

There are more prizes, read on!
Sponsored by me will be:

  • Each participant - 1 SBI share.
  • If you used the #ccc invitation - 1 SBI share.

Totally payout for contest 2.10

  1. @joeyarnoldvn - 1 SBI
  2. @cloudblade - 1 SBI
  3. @myjob - 3 SBI
  4. @gertu - 2 SBI
  5. @fitinfunfood - 2 SBI

@freedomshift's last contest was 2.09. There was 1 entry (me).

Old entries still in the run before 2.09 are:
21 @gertu
22 @fitinfunfood
24 @olivia08
25 @gertu
26 @wakeupkitty
27 @celinavisaez
28 @wakeupkitty

I take my name out of the list so there are 5 entries left.
Each entry will receive 1 SBI share for participating since it is abracadabra to me.
@gertu - 2 SBI
@fitinfunfood - 1 SBI
@olivia08 - 1 SBI
@celinavisaez - 1 SBI

Long story short, you are all winners!

Final total payout:

  1. @joeyarnoldvn - 1 SBI
  2. @cloudblade - 1 SBI
  3. @myjob - 3 SBI
  4. @gertu - 4 SBI
  5. @fitinfunfood - 3 SBI
  6. @olivia08 - 1 SBI
  7. @celinavisaez - 1 SBI

The transfers are done.

Congratulations to all of you and till the next contest.馃帀馃巿


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Comments 22

Gracias por tu generosidad! Besos abrazos y felicitaciones para todos, ya que todos somos ganadores, muchas bendiciones para ti @wakeupkitty, lo estas haciendo muy bien.

19.08.2019 23:11

S铆, todos ustedes son ganadores. Todos se tomaron el tiempo para escribir 200 palabras o m谩s. Est谩 claro que a muchos no les gusta hacer eso.

Lo merec铆as. No me gusta si la gente invierte y no sale nada. Creo que de esta manera es una buena soluci贸n. Te deseo un feliz d铆a. Espero que te unas a los otros 2 concursos tambi茅n.


20.08.2019 03:02

@wakeupkitty thank you, I really appreciate it.

20.08.2019 01:03

You are welcome you had the lucky number. Will you join with the new one too?

20.08.2019 02:52

@wakeupkitty Was I suppose to post it on Mondays? Or can I do it anytime?

21.08.2019 01:59

That鈥檚 so neat that you ran a contest, @wakeupkitty. Do you think you will run it again?

20.08.2019 02:45

The number 2.11 just started (same theme) and last Friday I did one too. I took over hosting and for now I am inviting people to join.

If no one likes to join it is the end and if I cannot afford it too. Before I joined these contests but now I cannot any longer so... 馃.

I need to find my way in it a bit. It is more work to take over a contest with lots of info as starting one yourself.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. If you have some tips, please.


20.08.2019 03:34

Congratulations to all and the winners!

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20.08.2019 06:34

Gracias @wakeupkitty, por todos esos premios. Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores.
Te felicito por tomar esta iniciativa y, no eres ning煤n tonto. Eres una persona osada, como no hay muchos. Cuentas con mi apoyo en todos los concursos, me gustan estos retos. Aunque no gane puntos, gano premios. Dios te bendiga.

20.08.2019 19:57

Me alegra saber que no crees que soy un tonto. 馃榿

Es bueno hacer felices a las personas. Para ser recompensados 鈥嬧媝or el trabajo y el tiempo que invierten. Invertiste para que te lo mereces. Espero sus entradas. 馃挄

21.08.2019 15:39

Oh wow! Thank you so much for all the SBI, @wakeupkitty. This is so generous of you. I will keep participating, and thank you for all your hard work.Posted with

21.08.2019 04:12

Great to hear you keep joining. You deserve it! 馃挄

21.08.2019 15:34

I wish we had more ccc contests. I will enter the ones we have and also keep trying to get others in here. When we have more people, then maybe one will do another contest :)

22.08.2019 05:31

@freedomshift started again so there are 4 again.

It is not the amount of contests that count but the prize. We should see if it is possible to make it higher now Steem is hardly worth anything 馃 I don't know if it is still interesting to join, write 200 words if you can get 1 SBI share for free too via dpoll or by gambling. Many are here for the easy money. Even if there is no easy money to get.


22.08.2019 12:20

yup - If we ever get good prices for steem/sbd again, ll this effort will pay off. Posted with

24.08.2019 01:07

Incre铆ble la participaci贸n de todos, estar茅 activa para la pr贸xima. Saludos.

21.08.2019 15:24

El pr贸ximo concurso ya comenz贸 el lunes pasado! 馃挄

21.08.2019 15:34

You wrote this post after 2.10 was finished. Last Monday 2.11 started! I will transfer your entry to that contest. Thanks for taking part 馃憤馃挄 Your lucky number is., . #4

22.08.2019 11:02

Ah I actually posted on Saturday/Sunday before 2.10 finished. Thank you.

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22.08.2019 11:48

According to my counting days not. 馃
If you like to write an other one (2.11) I will reward you for this one. Let me know what you want.

22.08.2019 13:43