ANNOUNCEMENT winner/Gewinner "Looking back/Look forward 2.48"

The contest Looking back look forward 2.48 ended.
If you didn't make it this time you can join the next one. For the time being this contest will continue on Steemit. You are free to leave your hive link as well. Deadline: Friday, May 22, 2020
Please, read the rules, use the right tag and read the theme!

The participants are:

  1. @marblely
  2. @anasuleidy
  3. @nathyortiz
  4. @gertu
  5. @oneray
  6. @sacra97
  7. @genomil
  8. @maitt87
  9. @kgwork
  10. @rosana6
  11. @albanyg12
  12. @olivia08

The winner is #7

Congratulations @nathyortiz
The winning entry can be read here


Winner: 2 Steem
Bonus: 0.2 Steem for each participant, my upvote and if possible you receive(d) trdo and/or a tip directly into your wallet.

All prizes are paid by me, please, see your wallets. The prizes are sponsored by @cryptokannon

CCC = #hive-166850

This is an Invitation to join #ccc. The community CCC supports members by encouraging and upvoting each other and by hosting contests. Contests are hosted by @team-ccc and it's members. See @team-ccc for contests running.

Comments 10

Congratulations @genomil que es la número 7.

Thanks @wakeupkitty

16.05.2020 18:02

Felicitaciones @nathyortiz.
Saludos y mucho exito.

17.05.2020 00:27

Congratulation to the winner.
Thank you for hosting. We gave you an upvote. Greetings @team-ccc

17.05.2020 07:35

Hello friend, today I realized that there is an error with the winner, please check and notify me to make the refund.

18.05.2020 22:16

@@ -158,8 +158,48 @@

  • @genomil ser%C3%A1 la bonificaco%C3%B3n mi bella?
19.05.2020 00:47

Hola amiga, fijate en la publicacion del resultado, sale como ganadora otra persona y yo con el numero 7. La amiga me transfirio lo del ganador y queria saber si se equivoco para reintegrarselo.
Gracias amiga por estar pendiente. Avisame antes de que me los coma jajaja

19.05.2020 13:27

Tú eres la número siete, así que parece que el error está en el nombre nada más. @genomil

19.05.2020 16:40

Ah ok gracias amiga.

19.05.2020 18:18

19.05.2020 18:18

19.05.2020 18:19