ANNOUNCEMENT winner/Gewinner "Looking back/Look forward 2.47

The contest Looking back look forward 2.47 ended.
If you didn't make it this time you can join the next one. For the time being this contest will continue on Steemit. You are free to leave your hive link as well. Deadline: Friday, May 15, 2020
Please, read the rules, use the right tag, and read the theme!

Great entries filled with good memories but sadness too about the loss of a dear mother were written by the participants. This year will bring us changes if it comes to celebrations and Mother's Day is one of them. Please, find time to read each other and show some care.
I wish you all a great day.

The participants are:

  1. @sacra97
  2. @genomil
  3. @esthersanchez
  4. @gertu
  5. @nathyortiz
  6. @maitt87
  7. @rosana6
  8. @albanyg12
  9. @olivia08
  10. @kgwork

The winner is #10

Congratulations @kgwork
The winning entry can be read here

Extra Mother's Day bonus


Winner: 2 Steem
Bonus: 0.2 Steem for each participant, my upvote, and if possible you receive(d) trdo and/or a tip directly into your wallet.

All prizes are paid by me, please, see your wallets. Prizes are sponsored by @cryptokannon

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Comments 7

Nice contest on Mother’s Day, I realize not everyone’s mom is alive, so it’s nice that they can write and honor their mom in this way. I will read some of these and leave an upvote to support this idea. You will also get 2 Steem from me as a Winner :)

10.05.2020 06:36

You are right @shortsegments, my mother died last March 02, 2020 and I never seen her last day because of the corona virus.

10.05.2020 21:45

And there are without a (great) mom too which can make this day painful.

16.05.2020 08:09

Thank you for the bonus my dear, you are always there for us. Happy mothers day everyone and to you @wakeupkitty dear.

10.05.2020 21:43

You are welcome and... it was well deserved. 💕

16.05.2020 07:56

Congratulations @kgwork , @gertu, @maitt87, @olivia08.

Thank @wakeupkitty

12.05.2020 01:34

You are welcome. 💕

16.05.2020 07:50