Announcement WINNER CONTEST/GIVEAWAY: NEW Looking Back/Look Forward/ 2.10

To those who joined this contest:

Thank you very much for participating.
Although I tagged several people and the prize is 4 times higher as with most contests there is less interest.
I can only guess for the reason (too lazy to write 200 words?).

There were five participants and one has the lucky number!

The winner of this contest is #2 @gertu.

Congratulations you won 2 STEEM + 2 SBI 🎁🎉🎈


  • 1 SBI for joining
  • 1 SBI for adding the #ccc invitation

Total payouts:

  1. @fitinfunfood - 2 SBI
  2. @gertru - 4 SBI + 2 Steem
  3. @mr72bussi - 2 SBI
  4. @angelro - 2 SBI
  5. @wendyth16 - 2 SBI

    1. Tomorrow I will post a new Contest/Giveaway. I need to sleep first.
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Comments 10

¡¡Gracias!! que contenta estoy. Yupi yupi, Gracias por todos esos premios. Ahora si me parece que estoy comiendo el helado, que me ofreciste en tu publicación.
Felicitaciones a los demás participantes, ganadores también.

23.08.2019 23:53

Es bueno verte feliz. Puedo ofrecerte otro helado. Publicaré un nuevo concurso para unirme. Solo necesito pensar en el tema. Te deseo buena suerte con eso. 💕

24.08.2019 06:40

Thank you so much for the contest and sbi, @wakeupkitty. You have to just keep trying with contests. You are on the right track and will succeed. Posted with

24.08.2019 00:53

I will post a new contest in some minutes time.
I will not stop yet. I am not waiting for 50 people to join. That would mean I go bankrupt and have to change the prices.

At this moment I will also not forward the entries to the next contest. It gives me only extra workk and makes it more chaotic.

I think it is easier for most to click on a giveaway at dpoll. No need to write and done within 60 seconds.
Motivating people to write is what I want and that is why I am rewarding for that too.
You get rewarded if you join, you get rewarded if you use the invitation, you get rewarded if you win/do an extra task.

Both contests I run do not have the same conditions at this moment. For now I see no difference if it comes to the prize and participating. That is why I think writing is too much. Personally I would write for this one since there is always something to win plus if you win the prize is higher (but I like to write even with painful fingers on my phone).

We will see what the next contest will bring.
I hope you join again. 💕

24.08.2019 06:54

The easier this is on you, the better, @wakeupkitty. Running contests is not easy and this is why I rarely do it. I enter as many as I can to support others and I stop entering when they get a ton of entries each week. There is only so much I can do here.

Keep going after our freewriters. All of them can do this. And also anyone you see with a nice long post. Posted with

24.08.2019 07:35

@wakeupkitty sorry I missed it but I am still unsure if I am to write about what #ccc means or to write about three things that start with the letter c, when I wrote last week, I was told I did it wrong. Wrong or not I did intend to write this week but time got away from me. Please let me know your thoughts.

24.08.2019 02:22

This contest is an other one. At this moment I am hosting 2.

One starts on Monday's.
What does #ccc mean to you?
The idea behind it is to write about what the community CCC means to you. You can write that in 1 line and write about what you like just like you do with the freewrites.
You won last time so what you wrote was not wrong. That is up to me to decide.

My second contest starts on Fiday/Saturday.
Here was the theme Looking back/Look forward
I will post the next contest to join in a few minutes. I am not sure about the theme yet.


24.08.2019 06:36

@wakeupkitty thank you for explaining the #ccc to me, I now get what to do. Looking forward to your other contest.

25.08.2019 02:39

Appreciate for you for this contestand Thank you for the prize.

Will try to join in the next contest too

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24.08.2019 08:30