Announcement WINNER Contest: What does #ccc mean to you/ ¿Que significa #CCC para ti? #2.15 🎈🎶👍🎈

The Contest: What does #ccc mean to you/¿Que significa #CCC para ti? #2.15

In this contest participated

  1. @myjob
  2. @gertu
  3. @felixgarciap
    Thank you all for your entries and the great reads.

Winner: 1 SBI
First time winner: 2 SBI bonus
New member: 2 SBI

The winner is: #2

Congratulations @redheadpei.
She added a song sung by Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Since you are a new member you earned 2 SBI and because it is also the first time you won this contest you receive a second bonus of 2 SBI.

**These prizes are sponsored by @freedomshift - 1 SBI for the song she shared and her story,

  • @gertu - 1 SBI for his great, surprising story. As a new member you receive 2 SBI bonus.

All participants will receive 0.500 Steem.

Total payout

  1. @myjob - 5 SBI +1 SBI + 0.5 Steem
  2. @gertu + 0.5 Steem
  3. @felixgarciap - 0.5 Steem

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Gracias, estoy muy contenta. Gracias a todos, @wakeupkitty, @macoolette y a @freedomshift.
Felicitaciones a los nuevos miembros y a los ganadores de este concurso. Espero seguir leyendo sus publicaciones.

23.09.2019 13:22

De nada. Espero que sigas uniéndote a nosotros también. Eres mi familia ahora. Que tengas un feliz día. ¡El nuevo concurso está ahí! Abrazos

23.09.2019 16:34

Thank you so much @wakeupkitty @freedomshift and @macooletteCongratulations to the winners.

23.09.2019 15:03

You are welcome. The new contest is online. I wish you luck. 👍💕

23.09.2019 16:25

I will check it right.

23.09.2019 18:39