Announcement WINNER #ccc CONTEST/CONCURSO "What does #ccc mean to you/¿Que significa #CCC para ti?" #2.11

The Monday contest ended!

Again we had 5 entries and again I will not forward the entries to next week.

Contest: What does #ccc mean to you/ "¿Que significa #CCC para ti? contest #2.11

Thank you for joining

  1. @gertu
  2. @gingbabida
  3. @olivia08.

The winning number is #3 @gingbabida and 2 SBI because it is the first time you win this contest! 🎉🎈🎁💕

Total payout

  1. @gertu - 1 SBI
  2. @gingbabida - 1 SBI
  3. @olivia08 - 1 SBI

#ccc has weekly contests you can join!
Do not forget to join the "Contest Looking back/Look forward (Mirando hacia atrás/ mirando hacia adelante contest) #CCC 2.11"!

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Comments 9

Felicitaciones al ganador. @gingbabida y gracias a @freedomshift, por la bonificación.

26.08.2019 23:16

Thank you. Gracias mi amiga. 😊😍

27.08.2019 00:08

Woooow! I never saw it coming. What a pleasant surprise!!! Thank you so much, Kitty. 😊

27.08.2019 00:03

Neither did I but you had the lucky number 😁👍💕. Be happy with it, we'll I know you are. I hope it makes you grow into a big fish soon so you have the benefits of all investors after HF21.

27.08.2019 07:07

Big fish?!? Hahaha! I still have a long, long way.. Hahaha! 😂😂

Thanks once again. 😊

27.08.2019 07:14

Nooo we all are going to grow here fast. We find a way to do so. 😁💕

27.08.2019 07:35

Hahaha! 😂😊 We'll do, in time. Thanks Kitty.

27.08.2019 07:38

Thank you so much, @wakeupkitty. I think it is fine not to forward to next week. What is done is done :) I am so glad you took this on and I will be in again :)

28.08.2019 01:35