An ordinary dizzy day

Saturday, December 7, 2019

It is an ordinary day. I had a bad night rest and there was no waking up since I was awake. The children had to go to school. The busdriver was in a hurry and did not stop at the bus stop at 5:50! Good ten minutes later the next one arrived otherwise I had to drive to school which took me two hours.

The pub was crowdy before 6 am like usual. Always the same men drink there before they start to work.

8:30 am
First post. Diary Day #84 - December 6, 2019
Happy December 6, 2019, to all! used bigger letters.

The wood/coal stove burns. Yesterday's laundry is nearly dry thanks to it and I washed the dishes at 6:30 am.

The children took fruit with them to school and some pepernoten. These taste better than the one you can buy. I have a bit pepernoten and kruidnoten left for them if they come back home.

Time to go outside and feed the wolves.

It is colder now as early this morning. I hope the youngest not catch a cold.

I made a butter cake out of the last butter so it won't get spoiled when I leave.

10:45 am
From one moment to another my dizziness is back. I tried to write but I not. How I wished I had one hour more time to sleep. Now I need to try to stay awake, fight it, till I can pick up the bus-kid. I set two alarm clocks and lay down on my kid's bed. I hope I hear it.

11:15 am
Posted CONTEST/CONCURSO: Looking Back/Look Forward (Mirando hacia atrás/ mirando hacia adelante) 2.26. It smells like lollipops and it was a tiny bottle. I think meant for dwarfs or gnomes. I need to sleep now. The children will wake me up in three hours.

2:40 pm
Cloud on earth and paid the prizes.
After that I went back to bed with a hot water bag partly in my neck and underneath my shoulder.
Before midnight I woke up again and heard the wolves crying. It is never ending.

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08.12.2019 08:57

You are welcome. Looking forward to a better, readable version. Happy Sunday. 💕

08.12.2019 12:35

Thank you for the update. I appreciate it. 💕

08.12.2019 12:34

Hope you are feeling better @wakeupkitty. When dizziness kicks in, nothing can be done but just stay in bed and rest. Happy Monday there <3

09.12.2019 04:29

@marblely I feel a bit better but dehydrated and painful arms since the long journey from yesterday. I am in a hotel now and leave within one hour. Driving last part to the daughter probably more traffic jam and roads under construction.❤️Posted with ![](

10.12.2019 04:29

@wakeupkitty Thank you for being a ccc member. We gave you an upvote and wish you luck @team-ccc.

10.12.2019 20:37