6:04 am

I am on my way back home.
The bus-kid is on the way to the city, hopefully feeling better as last Friday and not in need for a toilet in the next 1.5 - 2 hours.

I have some things to do.
One of them is making a CCC heart (one of the Cs stands for chocolate, the other for cornflakes) for the birthday of my youngest. No matter what it will be celebrated.

I had a hard time waking up this morning at 4 am but been busy since that moment.

Drank tea with the bus-kid and took it plus the garbage away, made some photos on the way back home (it is not cold outside), washed the dishes, cleaned the stove, the compost is outside, the windows are open to ventilate the house and having tea with the youngest now.

What does your morning look like?

A happy Monday.

A Dutch idiom "De morgenstond heeft goud in demons!" (The early morning brings gold).
I wish you all a great Monday 💕


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30.09.2019 04:57

@upvotebank thanks for the upvote again 👍Posted with

01.10.2019 07:38

Waking up never easy especially on Mondays, I stayed in bed 15mins more after my alarm but now at work.
Enjoy the day

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30.09.2019 05:48

@joetunex You can say that. I need to recover first plus those extra minutes are always way better 🤔❤️Posted with

01.10.2019 07:40