I cannot stand this.
Ice and snow are no favorites of mine. No matter if it is caused by the weather, it is food or in a freezer.
This freezer had this problem from day one. It needs to be cleaned every 3-4 days. I think the thermostat is broke. The only reason it is still there is that we only use it for a few months a year. Soon it will, not be needed anymore. Our house and outside will be the fridge. After the dishwasher this is the worst buy ever.

It is defrosting now.
Door open, electricity switched off and some big towels to absorb the water. I will have a look in two or three hours time.

Years ago I bought a fridge that cleaned itself. It never did and no matter what they said it was smelly at times. Fridges and freezers are the dirtiest engines we use in our house. If you think no bacteria live inside or the door's rubber you are wrong. Never accept a dirty, second-hand fridge. It is a danger to your health.


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@wakeupkitty did you check to make sure the door has a good seal? It's possible its freezing over if the door is not all the way sealed. Causing the pump to stay on.

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28.09.2019 09:17

The pump is not on, for hours it is not. The seal I checked it is complete, not thorn or so. It causes this problem from the first day on. What I find weird is you can open the door right after you closed it. I know from a freezer trunk I had years ago this was not possible.

Last week I thought it was broke. For hours I did not hear the pump. The two drawers most down the food is hardly frozen. I will try today to not fill the upper drawer and press against the door harder.

Thank you for your comment, have a great Saturday 💕

28.09.2019 10:05

That is strange for it to work for a few days and the have to be defrosted.

28.09.2019 09:55

I believe something is wrong with the thermostat. Will try if it works better if I do not fill the upper drawer. I mostly need it for meat and bones for the wolves during summer, to buy more if I leave for some days.

28.09.2019 10:10

I know the feeling how cold it gets with winter and ice or even the cold water from the tap.
Stay warm

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28.09.2019 09:56

The tap is one too. During summer we use cold water but during winter it is icecold. I have to keep the water a bit running so the waterpipes don't get frozen. Once I had the water in the toilet frozen too plus two times a frozen waterpump and two times a drowned one ☹

28.09.2019 10:07