Rosehip (Rosa canina)

You can make jam and syrup out of rose hips.
It contains a high amount of vitamin C but the vitamins  A,  B1, B2 en E too.
One of the first kind of food babies and toddlers in the Netherlands drink and eat is rose hip syrup and jam.
I love it (the jam more as the syrup).

It isn't cheap but easy to make yourself.
Cut the fruit, take out the seeds, or cook the whole fruit till it is soft with just a little bit of water. Next, you use a sieve/boulter to get the seeds etc out.
What is left is great for a jam (it looks more like a jelly).

Do not throw away what is in the sieve. Put it all in another pan with some water and cook it a bit longer and use your sieve again. With what you have now you can make your syrup.

Note: You do not need many rosehips to make one or two pots of jam and syrup. Two till three cups is enough.

Rosehips can be eaten fresh too. In that case, you need to eat around the seeds which you find in the middle.


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