Early birds view.

We were the early birds today, Xiรขo-Aine and I. She was annoying through the night but I ignored her. I wanted to enjoy a good night rest without a hurting leg and throat. She had to wait till 6 am.

We didn't meet the shepherd. Perhaps he is allowed to sleep 30 minutes longer than usual or left earlier?

An early morning walk was good for this shoot. A bit disappointing. In reality it looked so much better.

I tried to walk closer, upon the cornfield but that did not help either.
I guess this is all the Samsung A10 has in it. To be honest I cannot say it is spectacular. My old Samsung duos makes the same pictures.
What I also do not like about this phone is the way they placed the buttons. If you want to click to make a photo it starts zoom in and I have to close the camera to make it functioning again.

My old Samsung had some options this one doesn't have. If I watched a photo via camera I could also crop it or change the size or colour. These options are not given to the A10. The option sepia is gone and so is black and white. I cannot see my screenshots or downloads via the camera either.

This was a fast, urgent, cheap choice just before the shop closed.
The next one I will think first. All my Samsung devices had problems, battery getting way too hot for example and been repaired already in the first months.

I think my kid's Asus is a way better choice. It has more memory, a better camera for less money as the Samsung plus some handy tools I need to download an app for. The Asus we bought during a sale and never had trouble with it.


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Comments 5

He also had some problems with my Samsumg, sometimes it is disappointing not to be able to capture what the shots really are.

21.09.2019 13:06

It is indeed. I believe Samsung is more name as good quality these days. It is disappointing indeed.

To brighten you day a !BEER fir you since it is #BeerSaturday.

Cheers ๐Ÿ’•

21.09.2019 15:58

That's a beautiful shot, I'm using J5 which is due for a change already but Samsung looks to have problem with memory

Posted using Partiko Android

21.09.2019 13:08

I think the J5 is better and more handy as this one. I use an sd card to store pictures and my takes etc. Easier if I need another phone.
The memory is always a problem with them. In two years time you have a huge lack because you have to upgrade those apps so many times plus the battery is getting hot or close to dead.

Think our power is a problem too not constant.
My daughter says it saves memory if you delete n app an reinstall it instead of updating mNy times.

I widh you a great #BeerSaturday. Have a !BEER and enjoy your day.


21.09.2019 15:57

Thanks have a good one as well

21.09.2019 16:22