It is 5:30 am.
The moonlight makes it possible to see something outside. ... It is on the opposite of this part of the sky. What caused it?

It looks as if a pot of ink fell down and is spread out over the surface.

Did you ever wrote with ink?
I guess soon no one did or can ever remember that time. Dip pens and fountain pens will be history.

I wish you a great and successful day and you know. You can always join a ccc-contest! See my account @wakeupkitty to team-ccc for contests running and the name of the hosts.


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Oh snap

18.09.2019 04:02

Hi good morning dear kitty..
sorry for not engaging in your post.Hope you don't mind it.. Actually I found you most valuable friends on steemit blockchain...
Hope you don't mind it.
Wishing you a very good time..

18.09.2019 04:39

No hard feelings you are still in my mind and if my connection allows me I visit you soon. I lost some motivation after the HFs and earlier perhaps too after the end of #seven77. Many left.
I hope you are doing well.
Wish you a great day with love 💕

See you soon.

18.09.2019 04:45

A beautiful shot...have a beautiful midweek

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18.09.2019 04:49

Same to you, thanks for stopping by nd your comment. 💕

18.09.2019 23:57