Someone dined here?

Might be these little feathers are from a young bird. It is a piece of art if you have a closer look at it. It keeps warm and the big ones help to fly.

A while ago I noticed a bird of prey under my roof.
It was nesting there. More birds do so (and wasps). They damage the foil under my roof tiles. If it starts raining my ceilings get wet and come down.

In the past 7 years the roof is repaired three times and some ceilings too.

I think the hunters are back.
I heard shots yesterday. Soon they will be sneaking around here too, stealing the pheasants and shooting the deer. I see them early in the morning also checking their traps. I think it is forbidden. They dive away if they see me.

A guy with a truck came with tourists over here. That tourist did as if they didn't hear me, stood with their backs against my fence talking French(that didn't help them). I told them to leave, it is not allowed to shoot in the neighborhood of houses and once hunters shot one of my dogs.

This time they also shot at a pheasant in my garden. It fell in the middle of it and after playing deaf and dumb they asked if they could have it.
It was the last time I saw that truck.


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Comments 2

Such a beautiful feather.

16.09.2019 01:11

If you look at close it is so different as from a distance.

Thanks for commenting, have a great day 💕

16.09.2019 03:03