One of the few times a month we have a street lantern too.
Good for a walk outside with the wolf. It spotted way more in the dark as I. It must have to do with the colours of their eyes (amber).

Strange enough this morning only stars, no moon and the sun did not wake up yet.

By now we wake up at 4 am and are still running out of time.

One has to catch the bus at 5:50 am the other one has to be at school at 7 am on Wednesday's.

Today I am the chauffeur again.


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Nature's beautiful lantern

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11.09.2019 04:27

It always surprises me how much light it gives. At times when I am in bed, I think I left a light on.

Happy day and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

11.09.2019 07:53

a great shot. Eerie.

11.09.2019 05:28

I was surprised my phone could make a picture of it at all. In reality it looked better. Such a pity I do not have a camera any longer.

Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it. I wish you a great day 💕

11.09.2019 07:51

Que bonita foto. Ayer extrañé tus escritos.

11.09.2019 09:25