It is approved.

After hours of gardening, this is the end result.

Rin, the pup, was happy I was outside for such a long time and so was the rest.

They all are afraid of the lawnmower except young Rin.
The adult has a look at me and that noisy thing if it is not operating. That is if a wheel falls off. Rin sees it as a toy and jumps up and down as it moves. At these moments she reminds me of a cat.

It took me four hours to do this part plus a small way at the side of the property we use to go to the backyard.
Actually, it is bigger but the farmer wants to use it with his tractor. To get me that far he damaged the fence at the other side (his way to prove he can not drive at that side of my property). Since I moved the fence he did not use it once!

There is more work to do but not today.
It is a foggy morning again. I just took 1 kid to the bus stop, might be I drive the other one to school so time to leave.

To leave? Yes, I use the internet connection of the supermarket again to post this.

Happy day to all of you 💕

P.s. I think the lawn is approved and there is grass growing where once my wildflower field was.


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Comments 3

Me daría mucha vida, sembrar en toda esa extensión. Hermoso tu espacio verde.

10.09.2019 23:23

Los lobos lo arruinarán y durante el verano tenemos falta de agua aquí. La mayor parte de lo que planté murió. Algunos árboles se plantan. Los árboles frutales tienen dificultades, toda la uva murió y la mayoría de las rosas.

11.09.2019 12:57

Es muy triste lo que dices. Las plantas son una gran parte de mi vida. No me agrada cuando mueren. Por falta de agua o por lo que sea. Los rosales son hermosos, no se deben morir.

11.09.2019 17:55