Time for some gardening.

This is about 1/7th of it. I doubt Rin will give me a hand.

She likes it this way too or perhaps just running around me?

It was the wildflowerfield I once showed. Parts of it are over 1 meter (39.5") high now.
I mowed it with my small mower first and after that I pulled weed.

The whole job took me about 4 hours. There is more, way more and after that it is time to take care of some trees.

I did not come to painting the house outside. Who knows I will manage it before the winter starts.


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cool ..... !BEER

10.09.2019 20:55

Thank you for the !Beer I could use one. Need to check my fridge too.

Have a great day 💕

11.09.2019 12:59

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Hey @wakeupkitty, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

10.09.2019 20:55