Good morning world.

It was 6 am as I made this picture.
Busy in the air?

At 4:30 am I went out with the dog she wasn't in the mood.
At 5 am we left to the busstation.
At 6 am bck home
At 6:45 the youngest left by bike
At 7:50 I replied all comments I could find and read some posts on Publish0x and ate some peanuts (very dalty) and raisons and drank my tea.

I can hardly stay awake. Since sleeping causes me allergies I will feed the wolves, and mow a part of the lawn.

Happy, shining day to all of you.


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Monday contest 2.13
What does #ccc, the community mean to you
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Thursday's favourite contest 2.13
"My Favourite Home Remedy/ies"
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Saturday contest Looking back/Look forward contest 2.12
Share a gold memory/anecdote or tell what youvlook forward too
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Comments 2

Beautiful morning. What are those lines in the sky?

06.09.2019 06:13

Airplanes leave those lines behind.
Happy day 💕

06.09.2019 09:08