The God of trickery.

He became such a sweet boy.
You already saw him on an earlier picture. He is the one with the "dirty" look. Not willing to walk around with me.

Also the one who starts the howling most of the times.

His skull is completely different from the others. Still not been able to capture a photo of it where is shows.

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I keep forgetting about the #dogsofsteemit tag! I post pics of my dog all the time. Thank you for the reminder. Your dog is so cute.

26.08.2019 12:37

I frequently forget too. It is that others remind me. There are so many tags. I made a list but gave up on checking it.

Thanks for your sweet comment. He is cute for sure. I am happy we choose him. He is getying sweeter daily 😍

26.08.2019 12:58

Hi @wakeupkitty,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

27.08.2019 02:47