Breakfast again.

It is colourful but I eat less.
I think the food is not doing anything to me.
I have very hard doubts my body is able to get the vitamins out of it.

I do drink at least 2 liter water a day and still feel and look dehydrated.

I am out of ideas what to eat and how to gain energy. I can not drink much more as I already do and the allergies stay.

At least the kids are healthy and full of energy.
Today the two If them will go by bike to school. A bit practising will do them good.
Might be they have to go to school this way in future.
First 1 hour by bike, next 1 hour by bus and walking the last part to school. Over 2 hours to get at school and the way back home is not shorter.


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That's a long distance for them to travel, dont they get tired ?
Nice breakfast by the way

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25.08.2019 18:52

They will but there is no other way. They have a bike others even walk carrying school and of nearly 20 kilo. It is resting in the bus or classroom.

I noticed at open school days it is what the youngest do they fall asleep.

Once school starts they have to wake up at 6 and leave between 6:30-7 o'clock. Let's hope winter will not be too hard on them.

25.08.2019 19:03

Let's hope so, is it very cold in your country? Which part of the world are you from?

25.08.2019 19:16

Now it is 35°C and in winter -20°C. I hope for no winter and especially less rain (although I might need some since I have my own water well).
We live on the country and at the end of a landroad. It is mud for over 3 km. No way I can drive my car and dragging a bike through it is no fun either. Once we had to stay home for 6 weeks, locked in 🙁. No problem as long as we have food, but still..

25.08.2019 19:32

-20 That's very cold... A country at the end of a landroad, Iceland 😀?

25.08.2019 19:54

No it is just Europe and not even Russia. 😞 I always seem to live in the wrong countries and always in the east parts as well (no seaclimatr but land). I should have thought about that.

26.08.2019 07:16

is this a meal or an appetizer? anyways, no wonder kids are more independent in western countries. how old are your kids? kids in Malaysia sit in the car for the rest of their life as they go to school.

26.08.2019 02:58

Kids here start bicycling or walk to school at the age of 6 or 7.
At the age of 12 many go to the "high school" and have to go there by bike. You do not have them in each place so it takes 1 hour or longer to get there. As I was a kid I even had to walk to kindergarten at the age of 3 and it was quite a distance.

Some parents take their kids to school but seldom after the age of 12.

I did take them for longer because of the distance and traffic. If they are not independent they will not survive long if something happens to me. I am a single mom so I always pushed them to do as much as possible at a young age.

The can cook and clean, do the laundry, do the dishes, now grass, pull weed, go shopping, know how to use a bankpass, clean the car, fix their bikes since they are 6/7 years old. My eldest can also repair things, fix furniture, do oil etc in the car, tank at the gas stationn, change the lamps etc.

My biggest fear is something happens to me and they will not eat or drink wait for me to serve them.

Everything they can do now will help them in their future life. For the youngest it still takes some years till they are 18. I hope they will have their drivers license too. It makes life easier to be independent.


26.08.2019 06:49

This is a meal our breakfast. We only eat 2 or 3 times a day and as much fruit and vegetables as we can.


26.08.2019 06:51