Do you look back?

How frequently do you look back?

If I see all the pictures I made time went by fast, even flew if I look at the amount of content I wrote in the past, not even two, years ago I started. Not only here but also on other sites I left my messages and stories behind.

At times I can hardly remember what I wrote.
If I reread my tales some look completely new to me. I saved the tales but will not save all the pictures.

Can you remember how Steem was as you just joined?
Do you look forward to HF21? Do you have plans, ideas you like to share with the community? If so please join my latest contest and help yourself and the little fish to grow.

This little wolfhound, Rin, looks more like an adult now but is still young.
She is not her mother's favorite but deserves a chance.
Why? Because she is full of life, enthusiastic and willing to learn. She might surprise us someday. She just needs the chance to develop herself.

(#dogsofsteemit is hosted by @supernovastaffy.)


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He looks adorable. I have not really looked what HF21 really means. So many topics to read now at the time. But i saved it to read later about the change here on steemit about HF21. Heartfull wishes to you and the little big ;-) wolfhound. Cheerio, ZDZ

24.08.2019 11:00

I think it all is very complexed. I came back right after HF20 so it meant a big struggle for me to post and comment. The next one is mainly about earning less or not at all. I saw a blue pop up on so need to read it. What all happens behind the curtains we will never know. If you are an investor it might be a huge win. Only investors seem to have a lack of time and hardly write (if I may believe a post). I will see what it all brings me. If this turns out to be nothing good than there are plenty of other places to go. Have a happy day and thanks for the wishes 💕

24.08.2019 11:15

I have seen a lot of changes in two years on here, I am still on the fence about HF21 interested to see what impact it will have

It is nice to see Steem actually rising in value so maybe the talk of it has generated some interest at least

24.08.2019 11:51

Steel is rising in value since when? Not since I checked it out last time. I really hope you are right and people find it a good time to invest. I hope the little fishes can do so too.

I guess if it comes to it it all depends on who you are how it works out. I heard people saying they have to post way more to earn the same. I wouldn't know how to do that unless I start with the one line posts too. Writing and editing costs me a lot of time and posting even more with my slow connection.

I will see where and when it ends for me.
Happy weekend and thanks for stopping by.

24.08.2019 13:33

In the last day its up about 5% at the moment not a big rise but I hope its a good sign :)

I think the next month on here could be interesting, not sure if it will be good or bad interesting time will tell

24.08.2019 18:59

Who knows people show more interest once the summer is over and can invest a bit too. Something to look forward too. A rising Steem.

24.08.2019 19:23

Lets hope that is the case ;)

24.08.2019 19:50