Bio super food.

The only apple I got this year.
The tree is still small. It is as bio as it can be. (Bio means biological and plants and animals are always biological).

Bio is not bio, it is more like a brand. As a farmer you are stilll allowed to use all those chemicals just till a certain level.

What I will never understand is why biofood always looks unhealthy. Look at my apple it is perfect. No worm dared to touch it.
It was the same with my cherries. They all looked great and tasted great too. No worms, insects (bugs, flies) touched them (I ate them all before they could).

Biofood is what I call (in Dutch) a "wassen neus" (fake), "volksverlakkerij" (scam). There are chemicals used and even if they are not used it is in the ground, water even the rain is spoiled. For sure it is not super food. It is just a way to earn more for a shabby product while the farmer even saved on chemicals etc.

If you want to be sure your food is more healthy (fewer chemicals, E numbers, etc) grow it yourself. Even on a balcony, you can. There are tiny fruit trees, all kind of herbs and vegetables that you can easily grow in a pot.

Superfood is a hype.
It is nothing new. Just ordinary food. The most well-known Superfood is an egg! Eggs are the most complete food there are.

It is not bad to eat eggs. Not for you and not for the chicken (or goose or what kind of egg you prefer). Nature made birds that way, they lay eggs. If they hold it in, can not push the egg out they die a terrible death.

If you want to eat healthy eat eggs. Peel an ordinary banana, eat if you like an apple a day and finish it with a small hand of nuts to keep the doctor away.

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It is hard and pricey to get all the supposed good food. Here the buzz words are organic or non GMOs. Our meat is loaded with steroids and bread and perishable foods have gobs of preservatives. Growing food is ideal but you need time and space for it. I want to plant some fruit trees like we used to own when I was married.

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23.08.2019 01:46

There are tiny fruit trees people keep on a balcony or at the front door of their apartment. It is true it takes a lot of time. I prefer the fruit trees too but many never made it here. Inside my house I have hardly light and during winter it is so cold the plants die.
This year I was too late planting tomatoes and too much time I spent in hospital.

I do not buy/eat bread so that one is off the list.
I use oil and if I buy butter it is the real one not the fake full of trans fats.

I try to make as much myself, no packages, etc.

We eat meat but only a bit and perhaps once or one rare occasions twice a week.

I think it is hard to eat healthy nowadays mainly because the healthy things (fruit, vegetables and cheese) are very expensive.

A minister said according to her food is way too cheap. Many get food from the food banks who are running out of food themselves. I think she lives in an other world as I do.

Food is expensive. They keep the price high, give farmers a small tip and throw it away at the "auction" so they can say it is rare and you pay more for it.

In a shopping chart here you can see what people can afford if they are rich or poor.

I am not going to pay for an expensive label and food that is not more healthy as other food. They did all kind of tests and it turned out to be fake. Some common sense what you eat or better not eat will help a lot and save you a lot of money.
Beans are healthy and all of us love them.

Thanks for reading and commenting I really appreciate it.

23.08.2019 06:55

I like the capture 📷

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23.08.2019 04:16