Here he is my eldest.
I am worried about him. At times he doesn't look that healthy.
I hope I live as long as he does. He will never be able to live with someone else.
My kid knows and will take care of him if that would be the case.

Two days ago the start of a grave was made.
We talked about it. Bad things always happen during winter, if you do not count with it.

Two wolves had a look at the hole in the ground. Great would be if they made it deeper. We will partly use the sand to cover the shit. I hate to see it everywhere. None of my animals is doing it outside on the street.

Today I spent some time with him outside. The children said he was grumpy yesterday and did not want them to touch him.
I intended to make some steps and did (but it hardly counted hardly) and we stumbled through the garden.

We also paid his grave a visit. He was not willing to have a closer look at it but came close enough I saw it has to be twice as big.

We have still time.
Although I did not feel well it made him happy to see me stumble around. He must be wondering why I bother to walk at all. Way too hot to walk around without any reason.

After I tried I went to bed. I missed another night rest so need some extra rest.

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Be good ... both of you.

20.08.2019 19:41

Hi @wakeupkitty,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

21.08.2019 03:19


21.08.2019 07:13

So cute face :)!

21.08.2019 07:13

Oh no, you have ME worried now, stumbling out of the hospital and hoping you outlive your dog - whaaaat? It's all just purple prose, right??? Be well!!!

22.08.2019 22:10

I think this is what my life looks like. It is not going to get better so I had to leave the hospital. It is better for me suffering at home in my own bed as being in a hospital bed worried about kids and wolves. They are all my responsibility. They do a lot themselves, will manage but me being there is different for all of them.

It is a serious worry of mine not to outlive these dogs. Especially the eldest. He is the most wolf of all, most social in our pack and will never be able to survive somewhere else, with someone else. I don't want people to shoot him because they cannot handle him. One of my kids can now. I am happy for that.

Thanks for your wishes. I will never be well but I hope to feel better soon and do more, be more active again.


23.08.2019 07:38

I soooo wish for you to feel better and outlive your dogs by many years!
There's this thing where people hold out for Christmas, or some other holiday or family occasion, and once it's passed, they finally let go, hence, an epidemic of funerals right after Christmas. I don't want to sound morbid. But if those dogs are your "bribe for living," as Jack London once put it, if they help you find the incentive to keep going, then may they live forever!

23.08.2019 22:04