As sick as a dog.

I am as sick as a dog.
Are dogs sick at all? Mine never been. I have to drive back home now. Picked up one kid and the little dog. I had to leave 1 day earlier but could not.

Shivering for cold, sweating like ... haven't been eating for over 1 day still my intestines are busy.

It will be a long, long way.

The kids celebrated one (the eldest of the three of them) her birthday in advance. I could not be a part of it.


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Please take care of yourself @wakeupkitty

10.08.2019 17:26

I am home now and stay in bed. Better don't ask how. Good news is there was less traffic yam in Germany. I try to drink, not to vomit. The daughter I stayed with is ill now (already there I stayed in bed for 2 days). It must be a strong virus. 🤔

12.08.2019 03:23

Hope you feel better :(

11.08.2019 13:09

Not really 4th day 😟 daughter I visited started too.

12.08.2019 02:39

Ohhhh no ! Hope you all feel better soon.

12.08.2019 17:26

Thanks. Kids are over it and I am still sick 😭

12.08.2019 20:05

Sugarish mode :)

12.08.2019 11:51