Watching you.

A photo I made during my hospital life.

I took the eyes with me (you never know) and killed some time with it.

I wonder how my former roommate feels.
She spends whole days in bed. No way to escape. No radio, televisions, no nurse at her bed.
She is not able to press call for a nurse, help herself if she is thirsty.

May the eyes watch over her. They are right above her head too.


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04.08.2019 19:13

Thank you, at times I find them a bit scary but here they fit great.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. πŸ’•

04.08.2019 20:57

oh gawd... that's a heartbreaking story!

04.08.2019 19:18

More sad is they moved her to an other floor. Her new roommates are what I call living skeletons.
Even the dead one's I saw do not look that terrible. It is heartbreaking. 😒

That is the view she has...

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04.08.2019 21:00

10 000 GEEK tokens has been transferred to your account.

04.08.2019 19:35

Thank you very much for your generosity πŸ˜™πŸ’•

04.08.2019 20:49

It's my pleasure :-)

05.08.2019 17:29

@wakeupkitty How terrible it would be to not be able to call for help. I pray for your old roommate.

05.08.2019 00:24

Yes, it is indeed. She lies in full sun, cannot move, no one hands her over something to drink. I hope she is hanging in. Told her to try keep eating by herself if they put her straight up but I don't know if they take the time to do it here.

They do not get therapy either I think the muscles will get weaker too.

Thanks for your prayers and comment πŸ’•

05.08.2019 13:52

@wakeupkitty that is so sad.

06.08.2019 00:17

Herzlichen GlΓΌckwunsch zu deinem 2. Platz bei SLF ;-) LG Kadna

05.08.2019 16:19