The lángos is a Hungarian snack.

I could also say speciality.
If it comes to its history there is nothing Hungarian to it. What you see is a turkish bread. Instead of baking it in the oven it is fried in oil.
There is about twice as much yeast in it as in bread. It is as flat as pizza dough before it is thrown into the hot oil.

The lángos in the front is: sour cream, garlic, gyros, onions.
The one in the back is with sour cream and garlic.

It is served warm and the only food, next to a pizza, I ever had served warm.

A hot dinner served cold is normal to Hungarians. Cold soup, cold pasta, cold french fries, etc.

Like I said in my earlier post Friday market abroad Hungarians are not great, original cooks and to be honest I believe most do have a lack of taste or simply eat eaverything as long as they can eat.

A hungarian acquintance said Hungarians love to eat, always eat.


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Delicious culiner

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28.07.2019 21:50

Some are 💕

28.07.2019 22:13

It looks yummy. Can I have some? 😛

28.07.2019 22:16

Sending by post will not make it taste better. You can easily make it yourself..💕

28.07.2019 22:22

It includes meat? What is actually gyros?

28.07.2019 23:25

It is meat some call it Shawarma but this is... plus not very tasteful and hardly roasted ? I did not eat it.

29.07.2019 07:16

Thanks. I don't eat meat, I just wondered what it is cause on your pic it looks tasty! 😉

29.07.2019 08:33

Gyros, the Greek variety is a sliced loaf containing a mix of Lamb and Beef, and is about the toppings served on it.
Shawarma can be Chicken, Goat, Veal or Lamb and is more about the flavor of the meat.
Gyros is often also sold as Shawarma in western countries due to their similarities, but if you want real Shawarma go to a place where Arabs eat and discover the difference. I hope this helps. Cheers!

29.07.2019 09:00

Thanks bro, but I don't eat meat! 😉

29.07.2019 09:03

Yummy! ,,^..^,,

29.07.2019 04:49