I wonder.

If you are home or in your office you also leave your keys at the outside in the door?

It seems to be a habit here.
I assume no one ever locked anyone in or stole the keys. πŸ€”


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πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ That is a natural phenomenon in our house..

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13.07.2019 17:56

Really? Why? Here they do it on purpose. As I understand it means someone is inside.

13.07.2019 19:05

Not a safe thing to do in South Africa. Perhaps in your bedroom or bathroom doors but definitely not the front door.

14.07.2019 03:44

Here we would not do it either. People would steal them or lock you in.

14.07.2019 07:02

Yeah.....and than i look for the key like a lunaticπŸ˜‚

13.07.2019 18:41

I assume you forgot it but not doing it on purpose? Here they do it as a sign the door is unlocked and someone is inside or at home.

13.07.2019 19:07

A bear hanged at the key it like not bearfriendly yeah why do they do that. My neighbour does that often I knock and call to her. She is so busy with the kids.

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13.07.2019 19:31

This is the doctor's room, actually x-ray.. I once asked they say it's normal a sign they are in.
No one likes to turn that key and lock them in?

14.07.2019 07:50

@wakeupkitty If they did this in Florida someone would steal the key then they could rob your house when you are not home, they could unlock the door and walk right in.

14.07.2019 02:14

It is the same here. We would never leave the key in any door.

14.07.2019 07:03