Easy does it.

A salad is what we had. Simple, home made, no cooking, no sauces, no dirty stove.

Just the natural taste of the ingredients is what you see and we ate.

Filled green olives.
Chop it and enjoy.

I intended to add some tuna but this plate was already too much.

Lately I frequently read about people who claim to live just from the air (by breathing).

I wonder if these people really exist. Just breathing, no solid food, also no tea, honey, chocolate for the taste, etc.
Imagine what we all would look like, the world would look like, and most of all: no waste (and many people jobless).

(If you have something tasty to share do it via @qurator's #tastytuesday).


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Comments 3

That's a tasty food

03.07.2019 10:58

Simple but yummy :)

03.07.2019 13:06

So versatile. So healthful

03.07.2019 16:44