All Saints Day

Friday November 1, 2019

7 am
I start my day. I missed a part of yesterday after the "attack". The painful head is still there but I can walk and need to catch up drinking water. By now I am 4 liters water behind. Yesterday I bought different water but it still feels cold in my stomach.


First post of the day:
Diary Day #48 - October 30, 2019
It stayed grey and cold today.

I have plans for today so on to the next contest.


10 am
Out wiith 3 of the wolves. Baldr, Rin and XiΓ’o. They are so happy. Not counting steps.

Cut the bus-kid's hair a bit.

11:30 am
Whatsapp with daughter about my health and meds/options for SjΓΆgren.

Drank 3 bekers tea.

12:30 pm
Time to get ready we go to the internet cafΓ©.

Many visitors on the graveyard (All Saints).

Updated "contests running @team-ccc
Colour All Saints Day yourself.

6:47 pm
New pot of tea.


Wrote and posted my Entry: "What does TODAY, October 31, 2019, Mean to ME? - #ccc 2.21"

Dpoll - done.


9:25 pm
My Sunday preach, the first one/entry in my life Eine Bitte zum Sonntag (D) / A plead for Sunday (E).

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Diary Day #48 - October 30, 2019
It stayed grey and cold today

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02.11.2019 19:38

@steemeow nice to see you come for a cuddle over here @steemeow. Happy All Saints day. 😍Posted with

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02.11.2019 19:46

@tlnt thank you for the vote again. I am grateful for it. πŸ‘Posted with

04.11.2019 07:42

@wakeupkitty my favorite treat is a chocolate bar that has sea salt, it has chunks of salt like pieces of rock salt, I love it. and it is only 1 dollar. 100% of the money for it goes to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

03.11.2019 02:31

I know the chocolate with seasalt is popular these days. We have some brands but it does not all taste great. One dollar is a good price plus you give to a foundation? Wonder how they manage that.

03.11.2019 07:28

@wakeupkitty I do not know but would think they are still making some money or they would not do it or maybe they do it for a tax break. It is so good, I buy 5 of them at a time and have a few pieces after dinner, one bar lasts me 3 days.

03.11.2019 21:01

I guess they do. We share a bar with 3 too. Your husband does not like them? πŸ’•

04.11.2019 08:49

@wakeupkitty he is not big on sweets, I like it like that, more for me. lol

05.11.2019 03:13

That is what I always say too. So he baked the whole pie for you. 😁

05.11.2019 10:10

@wakeupkitty He told me I would not eat it all so he took some to his family, I think that is what he wanted to do and it was an excuse that I would not eat it. But it is all good.

06.11.2019 01:25

@myjob I hope you tested its quality. Better not give a bad pie to your family. πŸ™‚β€οΈPosted with

10.11.2019 19:45

@wakeupkitty I ate my share and it was so good

11.11.2019 02:11

@myjob πŸ˜… I believe you. Posted with

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