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Air (En) / Luft (D)

I could use some fresh air but the thing over here is the air is not fresh.
I have a wood stove and a part of the wood has a penetrate smell as if you burn plastic. This is the wood we found outside, fell of the trees.

Each year we "clean up" outside this way. It reminds me of ironing a synthetic under skirt to hot. It is the same odor and I can not stand it. I open the windows several times a day to get some fresh air inside.

The problem is it isn't fresh outside either. If not frozen it smells like sheep shit and urine. Sheepshit never gets frozen. You can see the prove on the photo.
The farmer doesn't care since he doesn't live here. A part of the road is filled with this shot too which means I drive a smelly car and the fact it is slippery hasn't to do with the weather circumstances but this shit.

Soon we have a pool. A pool filled with urine that is toxic for sure and means the end of the fresh air over here.

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