Actually I am not feeling fit 🤕

You ever had a smart scale? 🤔

I mean a scale that tells you how much of your weight is fat or water or? I would love ❤️ to know how that scale knows my fat percentage 🤔.

The scale I had was a 🎁. I thought it was a great idea to figure out how much of me was fat and how much water or (🤔 💨).  Since I take 💊(prednisone) as long as I can remember.
Well, that scale kept 🔕. I could hop on and off as much as I ❤️ but nothing happened. Did I already change in a (fat) 👻?

I assumed it was broke so decided to throw it away. Before I did I let my 👶 step on it. Guess what? The scale was not broke it had to do with me. 😲

It is true that automatic doors do not always open for me but hey I am still under the living and as far as I know not a 👻.


I liked to join Actifit but had the same problem.
It did not count me 🚶. Had it to do with my internet 📶 connection? It's true it's slower as a 🐌. How does the app in the phone count 🚶? Is the phone tied to your leg the whole day on?
Interesting thing is that if you use that app there is no need to walk at all. You can sit 💺 on your ass, hold the 📱 and move your hand. Guess what? It counts each movement as a step even with me.

I bought a ⌚.

Not an expensive one since I have a lack of 💲 and doubt the more expensive one is better. 🤔

But how does that ⌚ count my 🚶, know how much kcal I used?

According to the ⌚I never 🌚.
I can assure you I do go to bed 🛌, do sleep at night 🌚.

I also hardly seem to use kcal. 😲
I think the watch is just counting steps and the kcal used is a combination of how many 🚶 you took. If this is not the case I can only eat 3🍎🍏🍎 dayss.

I hope ❤️ blood pressure and oxygen 💨 fit with reality since this is most important to me. I hope to find an 👌 app.

✔ 👣 taken: 5182 (mainly inside plus some 🛒).
✔ Distance: 3.42 km
✔ Kcal: 147.7

✔ ❤️ beat: 68 bpm

✔ 🌡blood pressure: 110/75

✔  used Kcal: 147.7

Can this be true?
How does the ⌚ count my 🚶? Because I swing my arm if I walk?

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The cal used is calculated through Hart rate I think so if your Hart rate goes up into the cardio zone you burn more energy like a carengine and maybe also with the steps taken.

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21.07.2019 05:45

Thanks for explaining. My heart rate goes down if I am active so that can explain me being seen as inactive.

21.07.2019 05:54