I don't care.

Prompt of the day bunch of excuses .

Excuses, I heard plenty of them.

Each time someone starts reciting excuses it surprises me how many he/she can find plus I wonder what made him/her think I believe it or care.

It is simple.
You do something or not. You make a promise and keep it or not. There is nothing in between.
One excuse is fine, a bunch of does not make the fact you did not do it/not kept your promise less bad.

Perhaps, might be, if, means no.
It is complicated is an excuse too. Nothing is complicated you make it complicated.

Pets are always complicated, unforeseen.
Children never are.
Pets have to change, be castrated and are kicked out for the most ridiculous reasons (new furniture, being pregnant, new partner, work too much, the baby).

Children are never dumped because they do not fit to the new furniture.
They are seldom what parents hoped for but they keep them even if they wreck the place. Teenagers misbehaving or not easy to keep are not castrated.

**Although fairy tales prove the forest is the place to dump children (it will survive and come back home rich) they stay home and make parents feel miserable. We do not take them to a shelter during holidays, we cannot work, are pregnant or because it is jealous of the baby. I wonder why.

Many pets are dumped for these reasons at my address.
At a certain point, I did not even listen to their list of whys, complaints or tears. (As soon as they left they forgot about the pup they wanted so badly, their baby.)
I even told them, as they called to ask if I had room, I am not interested in hearing excuses.

If you can not or do not want to take care of your pet it is the end of the story.
Should I talk them over, pity them after I heard the endless list of excuses? Say how bad I feel for them, I understand?

Once a lady called.
She said she was pregnant and lived in a smaller house now with her boyfriend blah, blah, blah. No room for the pet any longer a small ferret! (A ferret you can even keep outside or on your balcony.)

I accepted the ferret, she had to take it to my address.
My place was a mobile home and... I was pregnant. You could not oversee it.
She handed over her baby at the front door. After she left I wondered how small her house was. Mine was 12-meter x 4-meter (about 474" x 158"). I lived there with three children, 180 ferrets, some skunks, and our goose Friend.

The photo comes from the book **101 Facts about ferrets by Claire Horton-Bussy. First published 2001

Do not believe everything you hear, see or read.

  1. Ferrets and skunks do not belong to the same family.
  2. Ferrets are longer domesticated as the cat.
  3. Ferrets will never become wild.
  4. They are 100% rodent.
  5. You will not die if a ferret scratches or bites you.
  6. Yang is an animal abuser if you pull out teeth and nails!

I had a hard time walking.

I wake up with pain and my leg can not be covered by a blanket.

An aunt always said: "If something bothers you cut it off."
I decided to keep my leg a bit longer and will see how it all develops and try to walk and keep working. At the end of the day walking is easier. Before I went to bed yesterday I had to finish the last 2k.

I hope to continue. Second or third time with the wolf was not in it. The children took over while I walked inside.

No gardening except for a small part mowing (with a grass trimmer) and pulling some weeds.

This is my entry to the daily freewrite of @mariannewest. You are free to join us. Today's prompt was bunch of excuses.


Daily Activity, Walking

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18.09.2019 18:37

@wakeupkitty maybe it is time for you to see a doctor about your leg, I am worried for you. @owasco says to put raw honey on a wound that is infected, I bought some to try but by the time I got it the wound was healed. I will keep it for the next wound I get. Prayers for your leg to get better.

18.09.2019 18:53

The doctor will do nothing or give me antibiotics. It will heal sooner or later, just the nerve pains will stay. I try to ignore it. At daytime I no longer cover it.

With me it is each day something new. My allergies, sneezing started again. I passed by, in my car, a field were the farmer was ploughing. Nose closed. Once in bed sneezing... again a night without sleep and hardly able to breathe. 😢

Thanks for your concern. 💕

18.09.2019 23:52

@wakeupkitty I was hoping your allergies were better, sad to hear they flared back up. Good luck with your leg. Still praying for you.

19.09.2019 00:55

They were better for some days. I really felt good apart from the leg. Just drove by the field and it started. In the way back my kid had it too. We start thing the farmer used something on the field (sheep shit 6 months old) that triggers it. We live next to the sheep stables and have to pass by daily. I am afraid it is in the air. So again a night with less as 2 hours sleep.

The allergies will stay till I due same with the autoimmune diseases, the will change and if I die it will be because I choke in a sip of water or fall over a shoe

19.09.2019 10:34

Here I just answered and no answer.

My allergies will remain, just change, till I die. Same with the autoimmune diseases.

If I die it is because I choke in a sip of water or fall over my own feet.

I think it is something the farmer used (6 month old sheep shit?( I dove by and it started and as I came back with my kid it was infected too.
The stuff/poison is in the air. Dust from white sand never causes it.


19.09.2019 10:38

@wakeupkitty I wonder if you wore a surgical mask or something like that if it would help as you drove by.

19.09.2019 22:43

Wow. Well written. For a while i thought it was real. Haha.. I have never seen a ferret before. I don't think there are any in my country. A really good piece of written work that impressed me.

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18.09.2019 22:54

Actually the story is real. I had a shelter and so many animals too plus lived in a mobile home.

Can be they are not in your country. There are here but also the wild variant the polecat (dark allover with hardly that mask) are. My own breed was dark. The officially, first, ferret was an albino. So white with red eyes. Might be they were easier to keep. We still have hunters using them for hunting (scare the rabbits out of their wholes by getting in).

Thanks for reading and commenting I appreciate it.
I wish you a great day 💕

18.09.2019 23:44

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19.09.2019 04:03

Thank you for your reward and upvote I highly appreciate it.

Stay fit to all even if you do not feel so great. That is what I intend to do.

19.09.2019 10:29
19.09.2019 14:17

Thank you for the delivery.. I am panicking I am behind if it comes to free writing 🤔

I wish you a great Friday 💕👍

20.09.2019 07:20