A busy day.

10K steps again!

At 4:30 am I walked with the dog and I have been busy for the whole day.
I spent time on Publish0x and WEKU, read my replies on Steem.y

I felt cold. The first day I put a sweater on.

Again I mowed a part of my lawn (read weeds) and no my neighbor's grass doesn't look greener. I wanted to count my steps so I pushed the mower with one hand and help my phone with the other one. I must be nuts.

Little frogs jumped out of the grass. The only place it isn't hot. In the wide area there is no water

Next, I fed the dogs and went for a walk with Xiรขo-Aine. She does not like to walk but once on our way she is overjoyed to discover the world outside the garden leaving the rest of the wolves howling behind.

A bit itchy now she has to sit. No, she is not in the mood for modeling.


Daily Activity, Walking

(My Actifit Report Card: September 5, 2019)

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@wakeupkitty she is beautiful, is this one of the puppies?

07.09.2019 00:09

No this is the mother. She is sweet but does not like the pup from the day it was born. We still have it. It is sweet too and looks healthy and happy.


07.09.2019 01:58

@wakeupkitty how odd for a mother to not like her young, are all wolves like this? Do you still have the boy? He was the sick one, wasn't he? I do hope he is well.

07.09.2019 02:31

I have no idea. She never liked the girl only the boy. The girl always screamed as the mother grabbed her. Now she really attacks her. The boy died. You know the story. Perhaps envy because it is a girl too?
Happy Saturday ๐Ÿ’•

07.09.2019 11:59

@wakeupkitty I am so very sorry the boy did not make it, I was praying for him to get better. So you have to keep Mother away from her, that makes things hard on you. Happy day back to you.

08.09.2019 02:42

I assume sooner or later they accept each other or fight who is in charge (me of course). There is room enough so no need to stick together. I cannot sell the pup because after all, that happened I don't know if she is healthy. It is better she stays with us.

Happy Sunday, my connection is slow do less chance to load posts.


08.09.2019 15:07

I barely reach 10k everyday ๐Ÿ˜„. So far only one post in Weku and none in publish0x

07.09.2019 00:31

I might reach it but my phone is not registering it unless I keep it in my hand while walking.
In a handbag, no.
Pocket, no or perhaps 9 steps out of 64.
I am tired of dragging the mobile with me and holding it with every step I take.

I started at Weku as I stopped here. It was always easier to sign in there but now I hardly can so it is less motivating. I think the platform is a bit dying just like Steemit or perhaps it never grew because steam it posts are copy-paste there?

Publish0x has to grow too. A bit more variety if it comes to the content would be nice. You can tip someone and choose for how much (rest is for you).
I like the friendly face of it and it is a good place to safe your content too.


07.09.2019 02:06

Well, I read your article and comment on publish0x too.

07.09.2019 23:47

You can't count steps with some new gadget, hands free - you had to push the mower with one hand and hold your phone with the other one?? I'd say "primitive," but I grew up pushing a mower that has no motor. (Yes. This dates me.) I still use that mower sometimes if the blades are sharp enough to get through the white clover....20170714_110106.jpg

07.09.2019 02:03

No it does not count steps. I tried it in a small bag, my pocket, my bra 0 steps and outside I make most steps of all. I need to walk and hold the mobile and if I walk and swing my arm it counts. If I keep my arm still it counts nothing. It is very exhausting. I gave my brcelet to the youngst to count steps. Makes over 20k a day but is not losing weight very discouraging I can tell you.

My son wanted a mower like yours but I cannot push it here. Our garden was once land for cows and sheep so not flat and more weeds as grass. I use an electric one still daily job since it is small and the wheels fall off โ˜น
Happy Saturday ๐Ÿ’•

07.09.2019 12:05

Hi @wakeupkitty,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

07.09.2019 04:14

You are moving from steemit gradually. Great count. Is it your first time ever wearing a sweater?

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07.09.2019 07:16

Thanks. Yes first time and not today, well so far not. I easily feel cold and if I am tired it gives me the shivers too. It is still about 27 degrees. Most of the times cold inside the house.

07.09.2019 11:43

Hope you keep yourself warm

07.09.2019 18:46

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07.09.2019 08:45

Thanks again for the support and encouragement. Happy Saturday ๐Ÿ’•

07.09.2019 11:41