The end of Partiko and me?

Steem is the future?

How come I have more and more doubts about it?
Great if you have a desktop or laptop computer. Even greater if you have power so you can switch it on and a great connection.
These are all things essential if you like to join the modern world, be part of it.

I am a mobile blogger.

No, I do not have room for a desktop and a laptop is less practical if you lay in bed.

I also suffer from a slow connection and I am not the only one in this world. Many people do.

If my power is off I will survive.
My router is mobile, so is my phone and I can charge both with a power bank.

My biggest problem is to sign in, load content and post.

  • steemconnect is a problem
  • steemworld way too heavy to use, my phone even gets "frozen" at times.
  • videos a big NO
  • pictures I can see if I am lucky
  • sites with a lot of info, pictures, etc are hard to load.

Which app can I use?

  • First, there was Steepshot (they left without a word). It was an easy to use the app for posting photos.
  • Next, I changed to @partiko.
    I could sign in (there was no steemconnect), post if I kept trying and the notifications we're a great help.
    In the past 5 months Partiko did not answer 1 single question, the only update they gave was the buzz.break commercial, the gifts are no longer there. It all feels like @share2steem and @steepshot both hit the road although they had a lot of potentials.

Partiko its behaviour is not new.

If you are a partiko-point collecter it might be wise to start changing them. I did so at that time and will do it again.

Next, I will try to find a way to keep posting.
@Actifit is one way, it works as long as I do not insert an image.
@Appics is another option but generally speaking it needs a better connection as mine.

All the other apps let me sign in and that is it.
Even the steemit and palnet app are heavier to load as the site itself. That makes one think.

The blockchain, Steem, might be the future but they are clearly not ready for it. Might be it is too early (not everyone standing in a kitchen is a chef) or they all see the users as a great opportunity to make an income fast fast it is the next scam.

Today was my 4th day

Still sick as a dog. Have a look at my steps.
Where have I been?
At 4 am I let the dog out.
I have been in the kitchen twice the rest is bathroom.

All distances (bed to...) are about 33 steps.

It was the first time in 40 years I used a thermometer.
My normal body temperature still is 35.8 Β°C which means I do have a fever with 37.7 Β°C and I am not just sweating it out.

My neck is still painful, my heart beats, I have blood pressure so I am still alive. My only problem is eating and drinking so I am getting a bit dehydrated by now.

What did I eat today?

My son killed a melon I had some.
I had 4 slices of bacon (they were thin you could look through them, it was salty).
I had some tomato soup out of a can (it was terrible salty).
I tried to drink water about 1 liter instead of 3.

Did I lose some weight after 4 days being sick and all my @actifit days?
The answer is 300 gram (which means no if I drink 3 liters I even gained weight!)

You can freewrite with @mariannewest or change some of your Steem into Beer, see HERE.

175 cm
Body Fat

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Sorry you don't feel too good. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

You could try to use the esteem app too.

12.08.2019 22:54

I could and I did but after I signed in nothing happens. It stays white. I know I am not the only one with these issues with @esteem. I will see if it works tomorrow.
Thanks for your good wishes πŸ’•

13.08.2019 00:23

Alright. You could join their discord and let them know

13.08.2019 07:11

They know also that I m not the only one. If it comes to apps.. With some it works with others not at all.

13.08.2019 08:52


13.08.2019 12:31

So commical as deft. But your disgut about the Steem block chain was articulated.

But do we have a choice?? Not much, therefore let's keep hoping they would turn a new leaf to enable us live our aspirations!!

12.08.2019 22:59

I hope it is not true but I will not sit and wait and play blond. We indeed have no other option. I don't know if it is disgust or disappointment or.. as a mobile user with a slow connection it cost me way more hours as most to comment and post here. That is not steem its fault but to say it is modern or a fine way to treat customers, no.

There is a reason why there are so many inactive accounts.

We will see what happens. Last time suddenly the buzz.break showed up πŸ€”

Happy day πŸ’•

13.08.2019 00:21

Esteem has a app that once you log into allows you to post mobile. It was working well last time I tried. Also take a look at Narrative. It works so well in a phone browser that I can post on the go really fast. It is a newer site so active users are getting a lot of tokens.

Posted using Partiko iOS

12.08.2019 23:04

Esteem lets me sign in, next it stays white. It is not able to load anything. I assume my slow connection is the reason. I will give it a try tomorrow again. Thanks for letting me know. πŸ’•

13.08.2019 00:16

Me too. Mine becomes blank after logging in which is the reason why I do not use it. Maybe there is compatibility issues with the phone.

Posted using Partiko iOS

17.08.2019 11:21

As a mobile user I agree, most steem related services suck. At least steemit, loading the other front ends can sometimes take minutes if they load at all n it can all be so frustrating.

I know it's not cheap bit I hope mobile users get catered to soon specially since we are the way to mass adoption. lolol

Anyways, I wish you quick recovery :)

12.08.2019 23:27

Mobile users are the future. Everyone has one, most desktops are sold to gamers these days, laptops are less sold too.

I find it strange there is so less interest so make it. By now the only fast/light site is dpoll and you are right if steemit loads it works.

I hope my recovery will be there soon too. It takes too long now, 5 days.

Thanks for reading and your comment. πŸ’•

13.08.2019 00:07

Or, are they, testing to run HF21 in their main server. The cause of intermittent connection problems.

Posted using Partiko iOS

12.08.2019 23:42

You think that is the reason they do not respond since 5 monthsπŸ€”. Do not even keep their users updated?

Well, we wait and see. For me the biggest problem now is to find a way to post and read comments etc.

Thanks for your respond. I hope you are right πŸ’•

13.08.2019 00:02

You know how I feel about it. Hope you get to feeling better soon..

I've not been getting any partiko notifications and it took 24 hours for my points cashed in to get an upvote.. It's the only decent mobile option and when it crashes which it does daily I go to steempeak which has great features but is definitely not designed for mobile..

Much of why I've given up on steem is it's negligence of mobile first design. If that alone was the only issue on the chain I'd consider sticking around but it's only one of many dysfunctional aspects.

Posted using Partiko Android

13.08.2019 02:19

I still don't understand why developping an app is so difficult. It is 2019 and we have mobiles for how long now? Everyone, children till 90 year old ones, use them. The are chatting, gaming, googling, apping, shopping, watching netflix with it but the future can not design an app, ignores the mobile usersπŸ€”

I am answering now via and you know what that looks like. I will see if I can post and get my last points via partiko and try steempeak again.

I am sorry to hear you leave.
If this all does not work I will see if it works via the palnet site or invest more time in publish0x and the dutch site (big mess over there, bugs, bugs, bugs and no app either but it pays way better).


13.08.2019 02:38

Why not a wireless keyboard in your bed with a laptop or monitor and desktop on a table or something nearby?

13.08.2019 06:56

While I lay on my back or side? That is a very hard thing to do. Speaking would help but only works with me in Dutch, somehow not in English each word starts with a capital

13.08.2019 08:54

Oh. Interesting.

13.08.2019 18:36

My son killed a melon I had some.

Sorry for laughing when you've been sick for days and barely able to eat.
I feel your pain with slow internet and frustration with Partiko and apps.
I don't do apps.
Just. No. I wanna be tech-savvy, but the invasion of privacy and the permissions I'm asked to grant keep me from all sorts of techno wonders, like auto-delete Twitter following if they aren't following back.
Get well soon!

13.08.2019 15:49

I hope that you feel better soon!! It must be so frustrating - both, being sick and when the apps don't work. I know that I give up when things just take too long...

13.08.2019 16:37

Maybe try installing keychain. I use it to login to most steem dapps now. I hope you feel better soon :)

15.08.2019 14:42

Also on your cellphone?
If I do not need to switch between profiles it is less of a problem.

Just the loading and... I switch to the steemit site if I have no other options. The app let me down.

Still sick my 8th day. Only difference I can keep a bit inside now (water/food).. a bit is less from what a baby eats.


15.08.2019 15:17

I do not use my phone much. I can barely hold the thing with my bad hands. It takes me 10X as long to do a post compared to the keyboard on my laptop. FEEL BETTER SOON!Posted with

17.08.2019 12:33

Thanks for the heads up @wakeupkitty. You are right, I have not seen a post from Partiko for some time now. Good idea to use the points. I thought something was amiss when the free points for videos no longer work.

Posted using Partiko iOS

17.08.2019 11:23

We will see if they fix it or.. I am using the points, no need to save them

17.08.2019 20:11