A view outside

The view from my window?

If I sit in our small living (I mean really small we do not have a sofa) and sit in my chair I see two windows. They are big enough to step through and ment as our backdoor as well... in case of need.

What I see?

This through the left window or actually this...

If I turn my chair a bit to the right..

The building you see is the guesthouse. One of the coldest places at the moment.

Actually our living is a small hallway. A door takes us to our bathroom. There is a very small window in it which can not be opened. This is the view.

The living is attached to what we use as a kitchen.
Here we cook and you will find the washingmachine. No fridge and... no window. The kitchendoor was our former frontdoor. We build la small halway to it (1.50 × 1.50 meters) with a small window. No way you can climb through it, a cat could. If I stand on my toes I can look outside.

This is the view.

I mowed this part today.
This side the son comes up. For the biggest part of the year this hallway is cool or even freezing cold. A good place to store the food.

This small window is our former living.
From our present living you enter this room. I changed it into a bedroom for the youngest. It's the place where our woodstove is. Not much light will come into this room but enough if you want to sleep longer. One window and two doorways it has.

If I want to go to my bedroom I have to cross my youngest bedroom.

This is the view at daytime through the left window. The right windown is closed with a huge shelf, roller blinds and curtains to keep out the light. Actually this is the only room with two huge windows.

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Source photos if not mine: pixabay.com

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10.04.2020 15:33

a country place and with a lot of tranquility, the land looks optimal for the sowing of some fruit plants, many activities can be done in the space, you just have to consider the project and get to work, I like the swing of the chair you see brilliant

10.04.2020 15:54

You have beautiful nature surrounding your home.

11.04.2020 02:39

Tienes mejor vista desde tu ventana que yo desde la mía. Tu casa me recuerda cuando estudié en los andes venezolanos. Hiba con frecuencia a las casas de mis compañeros cuando había paralización de actividades por algún motivo. Y las casas en los pueblos eran similares. Y con mucho frío en su interior. Tu casa es muy similar. @wakeupkitty.

You have a better view from your window than I do from mine. Your house reminds me of when I studied in the Venezuelan Andes. I often went to my colleagues' houses when there was a stoppage of activities for some reason. And the houses in the villages were similar. And very cold inside. Your house is very similar. @wakeupkitty.

11.04.2020 08:10

I would love to see that sky at night, it must be spectacular.
I really liked your photos.
Ich würde diesen Himmel gerne nachts sehen, er muss spektakulär sein.
Ihre Fotos haben mir sehr gut gefallen.

14.04.2020 14:00

Thank you for stopping by. If no fog or rain we have clear night you can always see the stars. 💕

15.04.2020 15:10

Thank you for taking part in the View From My Window Photography Challenge.

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The Steemit Team

14.04.2020 16:53