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I thought I could take a walk.

Besides driving up and down 4 times a day my only activity is the "bending, jumping jacks and sit-ups" I try to do daily. It is not much but my toe hurts and is in the way. It always hurts just like my feet. I am not a walker or jumper.

For some reason, it always looks cloudy early in the morning.
At times the clouds are gone 1-2 hours later. On other days it is grey again. It is always unexpected what type of weather we will have. The weather forecast is not something you can rely on.

The youngest wonders why we seldom see the moon and if it always just have been a full moon.

We do not only have the moon, but the sun is also on its way too.
It is the first time since weeks I have this view. No darkness and grey for a change. The wolves might like it. They can lay in the sun and hopefully some of the mud dries.

They plowed the land road.
This badly done job It is good for writing the city a complaint. I do not see the need to only plow a part that is good and skip what needs to be done. The bad part is in front of the sheep stable. I guess because I am the only one who needs to pass by it is not important enough.
It makes me mad. The holes are deep, my car sinks into the shit and mud, gets broke, my kid fell of the bike, no doctor or ambulance can reach us and the mailman stays away.

Many trees are damaged.
This isn't caused by the storm but the fat guy on the excavator did it.

It looks as if Spring is on its way.
I wouldn't count on it. It can still freeze or start snowing. We have two more months to go. At least this bush is optimistic.

If this little pup will survive is unsure.
It survived stormy weather, a hailstorm, and pouring rain so far. I think it's about one week old by now. I saw it yawn which was cute but mom doesn't like me to get near plus she is afraid.

The sun shone for a short moment and brightened up the moss on a part of the wall - it once was a house -.
@heartbeat1515 this one is for you.

The sun really gives it a special color. It is an eye-catcher.

One of the few shining colorful things during these dark days.

This is my entry to the #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjsy.


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14.02.2020 09:44

What an interesting walk it’s cool to watch the changing clouds during the day

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

14.02.2020 10:09

Thank you for your kind comment. Enjoy the weekend. πŸ’•

15.02.2020 00:29

Muy bellas imΓ‘genes del musgo. Feliz dΓ­a de la amistad. @wakeupkitty.

14.02.2020 19:03