A Friday market abroad.

This market is on Fridays and Sunday's.

Usually the market starts around 6 am and ends around noon. It all depends on the season and weather how crowdy it is. The market is not the place to be if you want to buy something cheap. Foreigner? Count with the fact you pay three times more as the Hungarians do.

It looks rather empty.
At the right, you find a pub it is open till 5 am, not a great place to be. All the drunks you will find there.

At the left you usually find someone selling trees (March till May and around October). Those I bought all died.

Right after the pub we walk to the right.
The building at the left is the place where you can buy real milk (bring your own bottle with you), yogurt, cheese, sausages all made by a farm.
I do not like the yogurt and cheese but bought it for a German friend on Fridays. She made cheesecake out of it.
For a short time, I bought the milk but without a fridge, it is spoiled within 1 hour by these temps.

Fake flowers and clothes.
Real flowers are expensive. The fake ones you also find on the graveyard.

The clothes in the background are new, not very stylish.
An interesting fact is XXXXXL clothes are sold everywhere and they do not cost more like the S/M size. Being fat is as normal as bones with skin in this place.

There are also many secondhand clothes for sale. You find them on large heaps. No way they are cheaper as the new ones. The quality is not better either.

Vegetables and fruit
You can mainly buy potato, pepper, tomato, carrot, onion, cabbage, apple, and banana. Summer and winter. If you are lucky you find salad, cucumber, and some other veggies and for a short period strawberry, cherries, grapes, plums, and melon.

The lack of vegetables and fruit did not trigger the Hungarians to be more creative cooks. The only better food you can find is Asian or the lรกngos (a flatbread fried in oil).

Here you usually find people selling their seedlings or what is too much for own use (eggs, apples, some carrots or honey).

For sale or?

No, I did not buy the bunny but thought about it.

Everywhere you find boxes.
People gave their stuff away or it is robbed out of your house.
It is just thrown in a box and they do not care if it is broke. Once I saw someone sell a kid's drawing (it said: Happy Mother's Day in German).

More boxes.

Pick your shoe
It is no problem if you buy only one.

More stuff for sale.
There were wooden windmills and gnomes next to the carpets and pots and pans.

Are they ugly!

marketfriday is hosted by @dswigle.

Every market is allowed.

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This is absolutely interesting!! It's a cool market. It looks simple too.

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28.07.2019 19:55

It is very simple. Just do not count on finding what you are looking for. ๐Ÿ’•

28.07.2019 20:47

Do not? Why?

28.07.2019 23:07

Oh yes it's so hard to blend in if you are a foreigner. When I lived there, I used to go with my neighbor so I wouldn't get overcharged. I'll stay away from the drunks, thank you. That is never a good scene.

Is this not a good Market? Or some place that you would not go to I am guessing. I get my milk from a forward there's about a mile from me but I'm with you I'm not buying milk at the market is specially with these temperatures. That would mean I would have to walk around with it or bring it home right away. Real flowers are expensive but if I'm going to put them on a grave I want to use real ones. Fake flowers are so fake! I have never heard of extra large clothes being the same price! I certainly hope that this isn't your Market that you have to shop at, but it sure looks like it is especially with the comment of your trees dying.

Although it seems like they do not have too much of tea variety for vegetables, I am guessing that is suits the local people or there would be a riot. Oh the bunny was adorable! But you are right oh, it looks like somebody pilfered somebody else's house or these Goods have been turned over and over for sale.

Well I still appreciate you showing the market and yes! Every Market is allowed! Thank you for taking part in Market Friday and I look forward to seeing another post from you! They are very interesting!

marektfriday loves you!

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01.08.2019 14:05

This market has less variety.
Years ago there was more. I bought some dvds of Inuyasha for my daughter. You can not buy them in the Netherlands and the other dvds I bought in Germany.
I think the market is getting smaller, it is not cheaper, just a place perhaps to meet?

Once there were two bakeries and there must have been a time there were animals too. Main thing you find is clothrs, second hand clothes and all thesr boxes with stuff.

They eat mainly bread and noodles I think. You will not see them make a salad . Even in the supermarket you always see the same fruit and vegetabled frequently it is old.

I will see if I find some other market in future. Thanks for the tip ๐Ÿ’•

01.08.2019 20:17

That is awesome! I am doing an auction for tomorrows market! LOL Have an awesome day!

01.08.2019 20:30

I wish you the same. Habe fun! ๐Ÿ’•

01.08.2019 22:02
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01.08.2019 14:05

This markets are always super interesting :D Love it!

01.08.2019 15:06

It is very, very small it is nice once in a year. ๐Ÿ’•

01.08.2019 20:04

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