A Christmas Carol

_Yesterday I read the story see HERE wrote, a situation he had to deal with at work. I wonder if he will make a Christmas story out of it, some kind of tale... @mariannewest for the daily prompt.**

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Tuesday - December 24, 2019

9:15 am
A freewrite about gutless. It was not the first thing I wrote although it was in my mind yesterday. I used @esteemapp

12:15 pm
I was asked to join and intended to write something else first but started with this Haiku. There is an English version and I learned something.
Mi entrada para Mizu No Oto - Cada imagen tiene su haiku - EdiciΓ³n # 44.
Stupid question since only three Steemians cared.

4 pm
Thought it.

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Thank you for the info given.

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Thank you for the update. Enjoy Christmas. πŸ’•

25.12.2019 07:12

Hi @wakeupkitty, Here I send you the link of a post from @steemchurch that has included a video with cute Christmas carols. Receive a merry Christmas.


25.12.2019 02:52

Thank you very much my friend I appreciate it. Be blessed. πŸ’•

25.12.2019 07:13

Merry Christmas...
I heart touching story...
God Bless you my dear friend...
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25.12.2019 04:26

@guurry123 It is indeed. Having children is no guarantee for some help once getting older. I hope someone will help her. Thanks for reading and commenting..πŸ’•Posted with ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbroYujK9LNd2s8zDKPUCADmseyJDuNbhwBPrrF7xM8FL/logo-comment.png)

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25.12.2019 20:19

A heart-warming tale. At least, in the end, the mechanic came through for her.

It’s the Wednesday prompt delivery technician here with the prompt for Christmas Day: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@mariannewest/day-796-5-minute-freewrite-wednesday-prompt-describe-your-morning-feeling

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25.12.2019 20:35

Yes m'dear I see that. However, I m still trying to work out how you wrote on the prompt before Marianne posted it. You are a woman of mystery Kitty Wu;)

25.12.2019 23:13

@deirdyweirdy The prompt mystery... It's not really a mystery... The German freewriters use the same prompt and that one was posted early in (my) morning. 🀫🀫🀫Posted with ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbroYujK9LNd2s8zDKPUCADmseyJDuNbhwBPrrF7xM8FL/logo-comment.png)

27.12.2019 17:14

Ah, I see. Thanks for that. I couldn't work it out.

27.12.2019 17:17

Wow! Yes, it is December and the old lady is waiting for the light.
A reward from heaven perhaps after all she did for others? But the star of Bethlehem does not shine above her place and without it, no one will find her.

This is a hard-hitting tale that sounds all too authentic and believable.
Still, I always hold out for the happy ending.
The son must wake up and take care of his mother who's done so much for him - if he doesn't, we can only wish bad karma or poetic justice, or pray for an epipany. Let him come around and do the right thing. We hope.
Thanks for this! And for all your time and attention to others, @wakeupkitty!

26.12.2019 22:01

@carolkean Thank you for reading and commenting. This tale is a true story. I told my children about it and it makes one think. The son? I doubt he will come to his senses. He left his mother in the mess and cold and someone took care of the broken boiler on his account. Why should the son change?

Happy 2020 my friend. ❀️Posted with ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbroYujK9LNd2s8zDKPUCADmseyJDuNbhwBPrrF7xM8FL/logo-comment.png)

27.12.2019 18:37

Oh how I hate true stories like that one....I never stop hoping for a happy ending.
Happy 2020 to you too!!

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