Finally Friday!

Finally Friday - September, 27, 2019

4 am
The alarm clock tells me it is time to wake up. I wish I could sleep longer.

5 am
Tea time

5:15 am
First post via @appics. I really would like to know who made it. Another picture I can remove.

Posted Royal portrait on, didn't translate it.

Time to leave to the bus station.

6:15 am
Back home. The stars are gone, the moon still shines, there is fog (that is why I could not see the road) and it is cold.

Tea time with the youngest (is reading) and I read 4 posts on till the connection was gone. The sun will shine today.

7 am
The youngest leaves to school. Might be back home late. Lot of bicycling. To school 1 hour, to town/library 1 hour at the end of the schoolday, back to school(?) 1 hour,back home 1 hour... hope it is library -> home. It saves one hour.

More sun and more flies!

Posted Hokus Pokus on WordPress, and next on Steemit. It is written in Dutch. The Dutch community is smaller or even more dead as the German one. Only once in a while I post in Dutch.

Commented/upvoted on Steemit

Read and commented on 😁. That always goes faster. I speak instead of typing.

8:55 am
Wrote and posted The smell of....

Answered some replies.

Posted Wicked Wednesday on Weku too.

Suddenly problems with the tags. It took me a long time to figure out the problem.
Tags in the text count. Twenty times #zapfic count as one, #1 does not count for a tag. So needed to reread the whole text.

Washing machine on with sheets, the youngest first I hope it will dry in time. The lines should be somewhere different where still is sun during autumn and winter.

More flies to kill.

Made a picture of a moth on the ceiling. Was a very tiny one but a moth is a moth and I still remember all these worms crawling upon my ceilings.

Fed the wolves, brought water and the youngest ran around like an idiot. She keeps visiting her mom who again attacked her. Start to think she loves being molested. She stays happy so no need to worry and jumped in the pond several times.

Had a look at my tomato plants.
More flowers and two tomatoes are a bit reddish now. One laid in the earth I took it inside. The plants smell nice but I am a bit allergic to the tiny hairs. Same with cucumberplants. Made some pictures of it.

Hung the laundry outside.

1:24 pm
Throw away another 255 photos.

What to do next?

Only 3000 steps so far ☹

Dpoll - done

Steem-bounty doesn't load.

@bilpcoin? You did not receive the Free BPC to stake.
Suddenly there was an exception why not to give them to you. Loyalty doesn't pay?

2:20 pm
Only one participant for the #ccc contest for Monday. Is it worth continuing it? 🤔 If people are not motivated they clearly have better ways to earn or don't care.
I invited the #ccc members. All together it is time consuming.

Which contests can I join?

3:30 pm
Answered some comments.

The bus-kid went home earlier. Belly hurts.

Joined a Neoxian City Photochallenge - children.
An over 9 year old photo.

Allergies started again. Put my shoes on and will leave to the busstation plus buy a present (now for real I didn't last time.)
But I wrapped already one present. The postwoman brought it. 😁

My phone is still charging, it takes extra long if I use it. I take it with me 80% is enough.

The shield bugs (Rhaphigaster nebulosa) are everywhere including the laundry and they stink. 🤮
This is country life too @gertu's photography contest oh gosh ☹. Very attentive of them to let me know 👍

The white inside the pan is caused by calcareous water. It looks dirty but isn't dangerous. Worse is the (periods) of iron that turns toilets and sinks into dark brown. That looks dirty for sure.

6 pm
I cooked, we ate, the bus-kid sat for a while and left too bed. It all was too much.

I was able to read and comment some posts. Partly via esteem. I still don't know how to follow someone.

I resteemed some blogs. I will probably regret it if I need to find some of mine back.

@fitinfunfood answered

CAT in very small amounts can be received from the kitten-bots themselves through "positive interactions".

I try to keep it vague because kittens are mysterious creatures... but you should upvote one of their cuddly comments and then give it a reply... that should do the trick.

Daughter still has internet and the postman delivered the router from the new provider already. We finally canceled our health insurance. In December we will look for a new one. I could not find back the hospital bills. Perhaps they arrive later.

9:19 pm
I am still hanging around. The connection is getting better and I am getting worser.

Something wrong with @partiko.
It is 23:32 pm now the longest try to post ever!

There is more as a web to catch with

Some tips to give newbies and others a hand on Steem(it).

Please, ask for help if you need some.
You can ask me, @fitinfun.
You are free to join a community but there is no need to do so to make it here.

Contact for free

Use @partiko is no longer active.

If you delegated SP you can stop with it. It is useless to pay to get your dust swept.
@dustbunny yet?

There are kittens. 😍 Have a look at this account.

The primary function of holding CAT is to bring the kitten-bots to deliver cuddles for you.

The funds raised so far have allowed the kitten bots to receive a bit of power-up and @catnet for the coming 6 months.

With the PAW-TRAILS update in operation CATnip hodlers should actually see some of their cuddles returning real STEEM rewards to them.

More fun things to do, like the CALL-A-KITTEN service, will be added in the future. Your CAT stake will be good for more than one thing, eventually. Also, any income with the program, posting-rewards and token-sales, will be used to further grow the project.
See here.

Join the daily 5-minute freewrite

See @mariannewest (Deutschsprachig) and help yourself to improve your writing skills and to a subject to write about.
The @freewritehouse!
You can see if you can join the engagement league @abh12345.

Use them to grow especially if your connection is fine and not as slow as mine.


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Comments 4

Don't know what to write when it comes to the #ccc on Mondays.
@bilpcoin would answer your questions today.

30.09.2019 08:42

You can write: I don't know what to write and talk about something else or like we do now... each letter c stands for... for me it will be cornflakes chocolate annd... i am working's my youngest's birthday.

Happy Tuesday 💕

01.10.2019 06:01

Happy birthday to you youngest.

01.10.2019 10:27

@fredkese Thank you very much 😘💕Posted with

02.10.2019 12:57