051420 - Lazy, dizzy day

I hardly did anything today.

I wrote a bit but like usually hardly what I like to write.
It is a long time ago I wrote fairy tales. The fun and spirit is gone. A slow or no connection spoil my inspiration and so does my dizziness. These days I prefer to sleep, be outside (I tell myself it is good for my (mental) health) and mow plus I like to watch films.

I talked to my daughter.
Let's hope she can do the transcription job offered.

Food on the table
Two of us had spring rolls l, one toast bread
The bus-kid made French fries, I had some chicken left and green beans.
It was plenty of food.

It's great to have children who can cook.

The youngest and I watched two episodes of "Toon" a series I try to download on Netflix. After that, I went to bed. It's hard to stay awake these days.

In between, I ask myself what causes it. I guess there's no answer.

Published today (Thursday, May 14, 2020)

  • Silly walks
    My day. It took hours to fill out some papers and realize the payment.
  • The end.
    A freewrite with the prompt mud wrestling.
  • Get dressed
    A freewrite with the prompt hand cream.
    It's not what I use btw. I use an oily (?) Ginseng body lotion twice a day. If you want to feel sticky and dirty this is the one for you.
  • Do you help out others?
    A question. Can we still give a hand?
  • A Mother's Day gift.
    My entry to the CCC takeapic contest hosted by @olivia08

Published yesterday (Wednesday, May 13, 2020)

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Have a nice day my dear, @wakeupkitty

16.05.2020 06:54

I wish you the same. Stay safe 💕

16.05.2020 07:30