051020 - Mother's Day 2020.

Mother's Day.

I crawled out of bed after being dizzy and partly unconcious since yesterday 3 pm.
I guess I am back where I was last year and no doctor could find anything.
The pain in my head is back since two days, the pain in both ears is still there just like my allergies and thanks to that trouble breathing. My back aches, so does my neck and my hands, feet, arms and legs (till elbow/knee hight) feel numb as soon as I sit or lay down.
I guess this is the next "you have to live with it" episode and that's what I am going to do. I read in the news after the Coronalife we have to skype with the doctor too. Well doctor you can forget about that. It doesn't sound save to me, you never know who is watching. Not that doctors are so busy these days. Most only sit behind their desk or let the assistant do their job. Perhaps it's better to visit a vet. If you go to a vet you have a specialist plus most results at once.

My friend left me a message and I answered her questions plus wished her a great Mother's Day.
My eldest wished me a nice Mother's Day too although she should know we do not really celebrate it.
I didn't go to the shops last weeks, not in the mood and no need to since we have still food in the cupboard, but the youngest baked a cake with peaches (I have them in tins) which came out well. The oven went out several times and the temp was too low.

The birds outside make a terrible noise. So do the sheep. I guess it's dinner time for them?

No plans for today. I washed myself, did the laundry and that's enough.
The coronavirus, the lockdown, etc is great for sick people like me. We miss nothing and can finally stay in bed, slow down because no kids need to be taken to school (yet).

Food on the table.
I ate the last canned tuna "with vegetables. The children had some cake

We ate the last old cookies (I had two), we ate the rest of the cake and I made nasi (rice) with omelet (last three eggs) and peanut butter sauce. We had some potato chips with a dip sauce. The potato chips was terrible, partly burned.

The "mayonnaise" looked spoiled. I think the cold is the reason. I added some oil to it and stirred and it looks and tastes fine again. Good to know.

Published today (Sunday, May 10, 2020)

If you can understand/read Dutch you might be interested in what this doctor/specialist thinks about the Coronavirus and the way governments, or is it Bill Gates and the Pharmacies, worldwide act.

Published yesterday (Saturday, May 9, 2020)

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