050720 - Thursday - More Covid19 test

The Covid19 test is offered.

It's for free. If you want to be tested you can but need to pay 100-200 euro.
My youngest was invited plus one parent. We decided not to do it.
We received the next invitation starting with "Great you help..."
We never said we would and we will not. We think the risk is too big.
The youngest read on the internet the same letter was pisted by the newspaper of the town and a discussion started.
A couple wants to be tested.
Someone asks who are chosen to be tested.
Someone says four by now received a letter.
The question who received a letter was asked.
Someone said this is private and should be private.
A comment is given that in town everyone always knows everything long before the person who concerns it.
Now we know too what people in town think.

Are only for invited and how randomly chosen are we?
After today I do no longer believe a word of the randomly chosen part.
My phones ring. A guy from "statistics" asks about the letter, wants to speak my youngest (no way), and is willing to fill out our medical history by phone.
We say we need time to think it over. He will call back later.

Not even 30 minutes later two visitors arrive.
We keep distance and stay inside our garden, they outside the gate. Again about the Covid test. No, it's a free choice. Again there's asked for the youngest after our NO, thank you.
Okay, fine. The youngest is send outside. It's no again (no, my mom doesn't want it). They do not easily give up and want the youngest to talk to me and make me change my mind.

I am mowing, mowing, and thinking and this all sounds strange to me.
Privacy? How did they lay hands on my phone number? Who gave it to them?
Good, we did not give our personal info to a stranger who called us. It doesn't feel good at all.
What will the effect be if we show up there? The whole city knows and for sure the big gossipers will be present. Will we be labeled as the infectors of town or will they say "Why those foreigners and not me?"
What bothers me is my last staying in hospital... the coughing roommate who was seriously ill, had something and the room being disinfected because of her for a whole day, me being seriously ill...
Randomly chosen?

I mowed for some time, we tried out two different recipes of cookies without butter plus I talked a bit with my children and a friend.

It felt as if I had not much time today and it's already late.

Today is the day my last penpal leaves.
He's a free man again. A free man in a country where one out of 614 people is infected with the Coronavirus.

Published today (Thursday, May 7, 2020)

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08.05.2020 15:12

urgh, das ist ja ne seltsame story....
hört sich ned gut an


09.05.2020 10:25

That is a good move dear from the government.

10.05.2020 21:48


16.05.2020 07:55