050520 - Tuesday - Pop Goes The Weasel

May 5th is Liberty in the Netherlands.
We should celebrate this day but the government took that day away from us if it comes to an annual national celebration. It is celebrated only once every 5 years. Reason? To make us forget and keep us at work. Small change May 5 is on a working day.
What should be celebrated? The end of World War 2, the end of the Germans reigning, our freedom. Kind of a joke if you see what the world, thanks to the EU, looks like now.

Yesterday, May 4th, we should remember those who died during the war. You know, those heroes fighting for their land. It's custom to keep silence for 5 minutes.
Interesting fact is if you fight these days for your country you are called a nazi and are a racist. Soon these heroes will be labeled like that. Soon will be very soon because no one who survived will be alive in a few years. The Dutch government is cleaning up the elderly people.

Interesting is how the survivors of the Japanese concentration camps are ignored.
So is Japan it's part in the misery and horror many experienced and there's a group, including their children, still suffering from it. How come Japan gets away that easily with what they did but Germany cannot?

Wars give a lot to think about but the fact is if it didn't happen to you, you do not care and if you care it won't be for long.
Humans easily seem to forget what happened to someone else. In Dutch it's called "de ver van mijn bed show" (far away from my bed show).

Let's read some books. "Pop Goes The Weasel" is part two.

Published today (Tuesday May 5, 2020)

Published yesterday (Monday, May 4, 2020)

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