050420 - Monday - The Covid19 test

050420 - Monday - Covid19 test

After the teacher asked if my youngest was excepted at the new school the postwoman showed up.
Kind of weird she signed and used my ID since the letter was not addressed to me.
School's administration is clearly not updated. The teacher asked my child about all her grades during the past years. These reports should be present at school!

There was an extra letter.
My youngest is invited to do the Covid19 test with one parent. The test results are given in some kind electronic way (?) or available at the doctor's office. If they test too if you might be immune is not said.
We think the risk is too big. Standing in line with other people on Saturday May 9 in an environment where an airborne virus might be present is too risky to me.

So is going to two different doctors trying to get the results and sitting inbetween coughing, ill people and an environment that might be filled with the virus too.
No, I am not afraid while living my normal life to catch this virus but I am also not going to search for it and take risks.
The test isn't even done in the health cener but in a building where we find the cinema, expositions with animals, schools and organizations celebrate carnaval, et cetera and I do not believe they desinfected the place.

What will be tested?

  • Mouth (your spit)
  • Nose (good for a nose bleeding)
  • Blood (mine is purple)

How long will it take till the test results are there?
No one knows.

"So... they invite you to come over and get yourself infected with the Coronavirus so they can test if you are positive", my daughter asked.

I did the laundry today. I was lucky I could dry it outside. I found this on it. No idea what it is. Perhaps @gertu knows it?

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