043020 - Speeding & depleted

Today was the day.

I had an appointment at the town hall because of me speeding in Austria on Januar 26, 2020. I was not only speeding in Asten (no idea where that might be) but I also did it with a car (not mentioned what kinds of the car) with license plates that belonged to a car I owned about four years ago. I wonder about your first thought if you receive a letter like that.

We filled out some paper with questions about leaving the country, having fever, a soar throat, coughing, if we been sick, etc. Good thing I didn't need to sneeze neither did my kid.

The lady was sloooow, her collegues had a great time chatting with each other all sitting close to eachother in a corner. No gloves, no face masks. She made a copy of my letter and searched in her old fashioned archive while we were bored and read some tips about how to wash your hands.
As she came back she wrote down our phone number and said she would find out what happened to the license plates. I doubt she can because it can never be proved plus it's easy to make new plates. Long story short it was a waste of time.

I wonder how one knows if a bill is official or if this is a scam. Nowhere can be found who bills for speeding in Austria and what a bill looks like.

After we walked around a bit, went to buy some cookies, bought ice cream, and filled all our bottles at the town's tap we were happy to be back home. I could hardly walk and all this was exhausting. My kid felt the same and wondered why. If you ask me shopping always is and today it was crowded outside.

The freewrite prompt is deplete which according to google translate means: exhaust, wear, drain, wear out, wear down...
I am not sure how to use this word and I doubt I will remember it. "Irrigation not only depletes groundwater..." Another google translate explanation which vaguely rings a bell and reminds me of that strange sound I heard during the past years. It's not nearby but I think it's what happens around here. A huge pump that takes the groundwater away and causes the lack we have here, why we hardly have any in our wells.

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Published today - Thursday, April 30, 2020

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01.05.2020 16:45

Ice cream how tasty @wakeupkitty

02.05.2020 00:45

Entonces no resolviste nada en el ayuntamiento? Seguirán con las multas?

02.05.2020 09:19

No, nada está resuelto. Ella tenía mis papeles de aquel entonces. Creo que las placas se envían a otra parte. Tengo que esperar su llamada.

05.05.2020 07:31

Then you must go back to another appointment. Your internet is really bad. Now we cannot communicate fast, everything is slower. @wakeupkitty.

05.05.2020 12:02