042720 - A view into the street where I live.

What can I say.

Honestly speaking I forgot most of the day except the mowing part. I still kill the days by mowing knee high grass and weeds and that's all there is.

We try to keep an eye on the news. Mainly to know when it's possible to travel again. My connection is slow which means I have a very hard time if it comes to being on the internet.

The street where I live is a land road or if you like a sand road. Sand and sheep poop is what we are surrounded by.
We have no close neighbors but since the lockdown a lot of traffic. Since we are living at the end of the road and there's only a small cottage build for the shepherd who lives in the dirt with no facilities other as chickens it's clear who passes by. Thieves. They check if the houses are abandoned. If they believe it's the case they take everything away they can lay their hands of. This includes, doors, windows, sockets, everything.

A view into the street where I live.

The street to the left. It can hardly be called a street or road. It once was but the city no longer cares which means there's only one way out of here which is to the right.

This once was a house. It tumbled down and I think parts of it are stolen to build something else. Someone left the skull here. The dead animals are just dumped in nature or fed to the dogs (not mine).

This was the house.

There's some water here. I guess after it rained it did not get into the ground. I wonder why I am without. My well is nearly empty and so is my pond.

My pond.

The road to the right. It's good the first part and as long as it doesn't rain. Once it starts raining about 500 meters away from our home the sheep poop sliding starts for about 3 kilometers. This means during these days our only option is to stay home. Once this period took 6 weeks.

And a few from my backyard. A bird watchches me.

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Published yesterday (Sunday, April, 26, 2020)

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Your place is just my place. but the difference are the trees. We have a lot of green trees around.

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The place where you live looks very lonely and distant, I imagine that all places have their charm, and the main charm is that it is our home.
Greetings friend, have a happy afternoon

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La caca de ovejas es buen abono para las plantas. por eso crece tanta yerba. Me gusta vivir asi, alejada de tanta aglomeración. Y salir cuando me apetezca.

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