042520 - Saturday, okay it's pizzaday.

I didn't post anything on Friday.
My connection didn't work and it's a waste of time to keep on trying. I guess I need to figure out something else if I want to blog-on.

I have hardly any options.
Appics is and remains a struggle. They can say it's due to Steem being slow but Steemit works and Appics is not using Steem only.
Since the last hardfork, more dapps struggle with bugs.
Partiko still worked and is given the final kick by Hive latest change, Steempeak and Peakd have problems and so does @esteemapp. The bug I mentioned weeks ago is still there so I gave up on it. If it loads at all it's good for replying only.

There definitely are problems with Hivesigner, next.steem-engine looks better but is slow (yes with fast internet too).
I no longer believe it's a broken chain or false block. It's a server issue which means some parts of the world can easily join and others l, like me, can not (plus will never receive an answer).

If it comes to answering I no longer focus on it.
The fact is I am no longer willing to spend 5 hours a day on the blockchain by just engaging, answering. It's clear after all these months most people do not care. What they care about is earning. We can blame #covid19 for it but this isn't true. The need for money is a fact and you cannot take it away by engaging although it's a way to earn but I believe it's better to invest in those willing to invest in me.

I drove to town to publish my contest.

The announcement of the winner, do some payments, etc.
It's not very relaxing sitting in the car. It's warm and I can hardly see the screen. Again there's a lot of traffic passing by.
The newspapers say the same. It's getting harder for people to stay inside or they simply do no longer care.

Some Covid19 news.
At the German-Dutch border, they ask you to turn around but they are not allowed to stop you. A good thing to know.
What exactly is that lockdown?

I spent at least 5 hours in the car even longer because I offered to get some pizza.
It took 25 minutes till it was ready so I needed to kill more time in the car till they were ready.

I ended my day watching some episodes of series.

  • The big bang theory
  • The good place
  • Better call Saul (I still cannot stand Chuck and all those blind people who cannot see how filled with hate Chuck is.)

20200423_184549.jpgOur last "elbow pasta". This one we can only eat again if we are allowed to cross the borders again. Same for the pesto I used. It was a spicy one and made the pasta taste good.

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Totally nothing. It is as it is.

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27.04.2020 16:39

Thank you so much. I appreciate your support and wish you a great day. 💕

29.04.2020 14:41

It's clear after all these months most people do not care. What they care about is earning.

It has never been different, after all we all signed up here because it said "post shit : get money" ... not because it said "the spirit of collaboration will enlighten you into the grand art of pyramid marketing"

I find most of my conversation with people i never meet AFK still happens by email , LINE or WEchat ... (definitely not whatsapp and facebook doesnt seem to like me)

i found another bug where it crashes my pc every time i say something thats not too good about it ... that's probably Justin Sun being awake 24/7 and reading every word i write ...

its almost logical that people will just say what they think you wanna hear depending on the amount of money your vote is worth

28.04.2020 01:41

It's possible but it was not the reason why I joined and there's a reason why many left long before HF 20, over 1 year ago.

29.04.2020 14:37

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04.05.2020 10:05