042320 - Dark Thursday, it's what today means to me 2.46

Darkness is my friend. It does my brain, eyes, and skin good but not today. It's a long time ago I saw him standing at the foot end of my bed and I miss him but the thing is dark friends are not welcomed by everyone. I wish he came back. He might scare other people but not me. To me, he means comfort, being saved.

I felt depressed, more depressed.
I heard the same words again "you are strong you will make it". Words I heard my entire words, words said by people who do not know what to say or see it as a way to make you shut up. Dead words they are. They are not about " being strong" or "being a survivor of darkness, dark times" but they say everything about the one who spoke them.

The cream on my "coffee" is the mailwoman who brought a letter.
According to some organization in Austria, I drove too fast. I drove too fast on January 26, 2020. 24 kilometers too fast by the wat. 24 kilometers is good for a bill of 50 euro so I need to pay 70 euro. Seventy euros within four weeks.
It's not only that I drove too fast and have to pay more but I drove on a day I was at home for sure I was not in Austria.
More interesting is that I drove in a car didn't drive since August 2018.
The paper looks like a cheap copy. They say if I do not respond I get sued for 5000 euro.

May the fast driver/scammer who stole my license plates and ID suffer for a very long time in a dark place and I do not mean prison or the hole.

This is my entry to @qurator's Monday Missions and...
my entry to the Curation Circle Creed contest What does TODAY Mean to YOU? 2.46 hosted by @freedomshift.

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