041320 - The end of Easter

Second Easter day and I have enough of it.

To be honest I don't see the need of a second Easter day nor a second Christmas day.
We cleaned up the Easter decoration after breakfast. What a relief. Everything is back to normal which includes allergies and the Christmas tree still around. 😄

The chocolate egg tasted better as expected those balls inside were less tasty. It's a kind of Bross.

I tried to make waffles for breakfast but the iron is so slow plus oil leaks out.
I threw it away and made pancakes. I feel sick of all the doughstuff.


I didn't mow the lawn but walked a few rounds through the garden while my kid held me preventing me from falling.

I wrote my pen-pal again. The last days before his release seem to go very slow and he feels extremely bored.

I ended the day with watching a Netflix series Unorthodox. What a creepy people these jews are, changing the rules what fits them best and keeping hate alive. Not to forget to mention the hypocrisy.


Pancakes for breakfast and Beets for dinner. It's enough food for one day.

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