041120 - Saving boxes

Thanks to Covid19 I have the luxury of staying in bed longer.
Instead of getting out of bed at 4 am I can stay in bed till 7-8 am. Slowly my body and mind are used to sleep a bit longer again. Because I didn't feel too well (cause: allergies and an eye infection). As I woke up I decided to watch an episode of "The Witcher" on Netflix first. It didn't come that far. My kid came in, told me the car was fixed and brought back within a few minutes. I had to hurry out of bed, search for the amount of money asked in all the saving boxes and get dressed. In the meanwhile the bus-kid went over to pay and keep the guy busy till I was ready to drive the guy back home.

I am happy I am saving for car repairs, a bit less happy because the car still makes an annoying noise ☹ but the engine looks so amazingly clean.
The man did a great job. He had to clean it because the sand (land road) could be found everywhere and caused a lot of damage to the car. Let's hope not more damage will show up on short term. For now the car will be mainly parked till I can cross borders again.

Published today (Saturday, April 11, 2020)

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