040720 - How to keep fear alive.

"How do you live without sleep", the bus-kid asked.
You don't live but try to get through the day. It doesn't matter how tired I am I cannot lay down and sleep. As soon I lay down my nose closes, it's filled with snot and I cannot sleep. I have to sit straight up in bed and struggle whole night on to sit up straight again. It hurts my neck, back, my shoulders and legs feel numb and my feet and toes are in terrible pain. As soon as I try to move an inch it starts again.
So I try to pass the day without doing dangerous things, putting myself in danger, falling down, cutting my legs, etc.

I mowed a part of the lawn and so did my youngest. I did my share right out of bed, before breakfast (at noon which was some porridge) and after I stumbled some rounds through the garden.

The bus-kid made the dough for real pepernoten (no honey) and I tried to make some pancakes different from what we are used too. The children didn't find it a big success. Too much egg taste.
I think about making Dutch eierkoeken (eggcookies) in a pan instead of the oven. Who knows it works. @hearbeat1515 might be interested if. She has no oven.

My eldest is upset about some tv program where people are "forced" to use an app that alarms them if someone with Covid19 or who had the disease is around.
Of course privacy must be guaranteed. It sounds to me as if the lepers are back. Soon they have to wear a bell and ring it if they walk outside or wear a huge star on their coat that says "danger to society".
Privacy? What privacy with anonymous calling lines and Facebook with face recognition. What isn't allowed with criminals and pedophiles is with people who are or been ill. I am really curious how an app knows what a test can't tell for sure.

Is it possible to sue people who accuse you wrongly? Can I sue you if you infect me? Can I sue the government because they do not give me my secure shopping hour?

It's another smart plan of spreading fear, make people stay inside, give up freedom and let the police state take over. 🥳
Man am I glad I am old and dying.

Are you aware of the fact that the borders aren't closed for migrant aka refugees and they are not checked if it comes to Covid 19. oesn't it make you wonnder?

Photo: porridge for a late breakfast (after noon)

Published today (Tuesday, April 7, 2020)

My entry to the CCC contest hosted by @gertu?
An appics post and my entry to the shadow contest. Pity my shadow is still fat and it looks a bit different as when I saw it first.
Write about your days at school (see @steemitblog) who knows you win)
No, I do not suffer from mental stress.
A diary day.

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My entry to the contest hosted by @marblely.
My entry to @team-ccc's contest.
Entry to @qurator's Monday missions.
I used a spice mix bought years ago and it passed it's expiry date since years but it tasted fine.

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